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What is ashwagandha and how does it work?

 What is ashwagandha and how does it work?

Supplement producers are increasingly willing to use natural and plant-based ingredients. As rich sources of many active substances, they can prove to be a valuable dietary supplement and support the body in its daily performance. What is ashwagandha and why do people who are physically active and prone to high levels of fatigue voluntarily take it?

What is ashwagandha and how does it work? An ingredient with a long tradition

Withania somnifera (Withania somnifera) is an exotic plant that occurs naturally in Africa, India, southern regions of Asia and Europe. Often called Indian ginseng, it is better known as ashwagandha. Extracts of its roots, fruits or leaves used in dietary supplements are a valuable source of many valuable active ingredients, which, as it turned out, have been known to medicine for a long time.

How does ashwagandha work? Practitioners of traditional Ayurvedic medicine view plant extracts as a natural revitalizing agent and maintaining the body's vitality. Often, ashwagandha is treated and compared to a miracle cure for all ailments. In fact, withania somnifera extract can prove valuable for:

  • renewal of general well-being,
  • improve sexual condition,
  • Alleviation of anxiety that can result from prolonged stress,
  • maintain resistance to increased psychophysical fatigue, especially during intense training,
  • Support to protect cells from oxidative stress,
  • Positive effect on motivation to work and physical exercise.

Withania somnifera is often considered a natural adaptogen. What is it ? This term is used to describe the components of the plant that, thanks to their active principles (in the case of Ashwagandha, it is withanolides), facilitate the adaptation of the organism to difficult conditions (eg related to stress or at a high level of fatigue ). Adaptogens are often

 recommended as an alternative to coffee and caffeine which, due to their stimulant properties, are not recommended for all people (eg for heart patients). Ashwagandha can have an important role in maintaining focus or attention, without overstimulating the body.

What is ashwagandha and how does it work? A plant for everyone!

By knowing what Ashwagandha is and how it works, one can conclude that adaptogens are components of a broad audience. Its supposed and promising properties in the face of an increased level of fatigue or anxiety can prove invaluable to amateur and professional athletes. Regular training is a real effort not only for the muscles, but also for the nervous

 system. One of the basic rules of effective regeneration is proper rest for the overactive nervous system, which needs some time to calm down. Ashwagandha and the withanolides it contains can certainly be a valuable addition to your daily diet, whose goal will be to support the body during intense training.

What is ashwagandha and how does it work? Choose the right support!

When looking for a valuable source of ashwagandha extract, there are several important aspects to consider. There are a large number of products on the market, but only some of them have the properties necessary to ensure effective nutritional support. they:

High standardization of plant extracts - high-quality products contain, among other things, a content of 2.5% withanolides

Raw Materials Used - A higher content of valuable active ingredients is retained by products that use the root

Appropriate certification - confirmation of the source of raw materials helps to avoid unpleasant disappointments and worthless nutritional supplements

Optimally Determined Serving Size - Daily serving should provide at least 500 mg of Ashwagandha extract

All of the above aspects are met by the Ashwagandha 600 Sport product. What is this and how does it work? It is a supplement in the form of practical capsules, which makes it possible to enrich the diet with 600 mg of high-quality Withalia somnifera root extract (standardized to 5% withanolides). The product has been prepared in a pharmaceutical

 company using the finest raw materials, which are best proven by the innovative and tested form of KSM-66. The product will be useful in various sports disciplines in case of excessive exposure to stress and in case of fatigue or constant work of high concentration.


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