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What fitness nutrients for girls?

 What fitness nutrients for girls?

Representatives of the fair sex are more willing to choose intense and exhausting strength training. Girls who struggle with cast iron in the gym are no longer a surprise. However, a significant part of them still follow some kind of tradition, and the first steps towards regular training begin with fitness classes. What type of nutritional supplement for girls is best to get the desired results?

What are women's fitness foods? Protein Nutrients

Among all the micro and micronutrients contained in popular food products, proteins deserve special attention. By keeping an adequate amount of protein and an adequate amount of protein in the daily diet, any physically active girl will promote growth and maintain muscle mass. In addition, thanks to proteins, there is a real opportunity to strengthen the condition of the bones and to have a positive effect on the overall nitrogen balance thanks to the amino acids they contain.

What is the recommended protein additive for shaping girls? Definitely worth paying attention to the 100% Whey Protein Complex from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand. The product contains two parts (concentrate and isolate) of whey protein, which guarantees a

 different absorption time of the product and a gradual release of its nutritional values. The balsam does not contain a large amount of sugar or fatty additives, it has an incredible taste, and its exceptional solubility allows it to be used as a form of supplement for certain meals, such as delicious oat flakes, and nutritional desserts. Or special diet sweets.

What kind of nutritional supplement for women's fitness? L-Carnitine

Lotions containing L-carnitine are often recommended for women who suffer from stubborn fatty tissue and want to get rid of its unsightly excess. Especially in problem areas such as the pelvis, stomach or buttocks. L-carnitine is an amino acid whose main function is to increase the participation of adipose tissue as an energy source - fat molecules are

 transported to the place where they are oxidized, where they release additional energy through the process of "combustion". This can be used in exercise, which in turn can translate into greater efficiency during training. L-carnitine is recommended as a fat burner alternative,

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers two formulas to enrich the daily diet in a concentrated form of L-carnitine. Girls who are looking for a practical nutritional supplement for their fitness classes can opt for L-Carnitine 3000 Extreme Shot which, thanks to its practical profile with a fruit-based liquid, takes up little space and allows for a very easy-to-use application. As an alternative, L-Carnitine 1500 Mega Caps is also available in capsule form, as its generous packaging allows for long-term supplementation.

What kind of fitness supplement for women? vitamins and minerals

It is not surprising that this list includes preparations containing essential vitamins and minerals. The role of micronutrients in the daily diet is undeniable, as proven by the multidimensional effect of minerals and vitamins on the proper functioning of the body. Its properties include, among others, maintaining the proper functioning of the nervous system

 (such as B vitamins), proper metabolism of nutritious macronutrients (zinc and chromium), reducing tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B6, vitamin C and magnesium) or protecting cells from the harmful effects of stress. Oxidative stress (such as vitamins C and E).

What types of vitamin and mineral supplements for women will work well during fitness training? The brand Olimp Sport Nutrition recommends Vita-Min Multi Sport - a complex of the most important micronutrients, pre-selected in appropriate quantities for people who engage in recreational and professional sports. However, carefully selected proportions are

 not everything! Minerals were used in a unique form of chelated amino acids, which ensure effective absorption. Additionally, the product formula has been enriched with the addition of high quality botanical extracts to provide women with better support as they pursue their dream training results!


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