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What do pre-workout supplements do? For what purpose should it be used?

 What do pre-workout supplements do? For what purpose should it be used?

Pre-workout preparations are always popular with fans of heavy and strenuous strength training exercises. What do pre-workout nutrients and why are products in this category worth a look?

What do food products do before exercise? The key is the right recipe

The effect of pre-workout conditioning foods is usually complex, and is directly related to the ingredients used in the formulation of the product.Manufacturers of nutritional supplements attempt to create formulations that provide multidimensional support to the person exercising. This is usually possible thanks to the synergistic effect of the ingredients.

Some pre-workout supplements provide a muscle "hypertrophy" effect, which may be related to the activity of arginine alpha-ketogluate (AAKG) or citrulline malate - ingredients commonly categorized as muscle enhancers. Nitric oxide (NO). The addition of creatine

 monohydrate, which is often used by people who are trying to build a muscular figure, helps increase physical performance during a short and intense workout. 1 Some preparations also contain beta-alanine, which is involved in the synthesis of carnosine - an element found in muscle tissue.

Pre-workout ingredients can help in many other important ways. Calcium promotes proper muscle function, the addition of vitamins of group B can have a beneficial effect on the proper functioning of the nervous system, maintenance of a good energy metabolism, and the presence of caffeine will have a stimulating effect. All for one purpose, to better support exercisers during intense physical activity.

What do pre-workout supplements do? Benefits of training in food preparation

Pre-workout nutrients allow you to quickly and easily supplement your daily diet with the active ingredients listed above. An excellent example and, at the same time, a dietary supplement worth recommending before a planned physical activity is Redweiler from Olimp SportNutrition. This pre-workout formula, popular with professional athletes and amateur athletes, is the result of the work of a team of experienced professionals from the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories.

The meticulously developed formula is based on three ingredients, designed to provide the muscles with optimal working conditions during maximum strength training in a completely different way. Redweiler from Olymp Sport Nutrition contains:

  • Armageddon Pump Formula - AKG, Citrulline Malate, Sodium Citrate
  • Red Rage Matrix - Extracts of Caffeine, Tyrosine, Black Pepper and Cayenne
  • Berserker Performance Blend - Beta Alanine, Creatine (Monohydrate and Malate), B Vitamins, Calcium Phosphate

The components are safe to use individually, as proven by the high quality of the raw materials used in the production, which are pre-tested for the presence of heavy metals in the modern laboratories of the Olimp Labs Research and Development Center. Take advantage of the Redweiler setup and discover the potential inside you! It's tangible stimulation, better focus (thanks to caffeine) and energizing support when fatigue increases during training (thanks to Vitamin B6)! Check yourself out!

1 The positive effects of consuming 3 grams of creatine per day.


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