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What could be an intense and dangerous lifestyle?

 What could be an intense and dangerous lifestyle?

It's hard to relax these days. The body is forced to work at full speed due to colossal responsibilities and uncontrollable rush. Can a hectic lifestyle be dangerous?

Can an intense lifestyle be dangerous to the body?

The role of rejuvenating the body is invaluable. Adequate rest and relaxation are essential for a full recovery after a stressful day. Unfortunately, an intense lifestyle can be the main reason for its imbalance and makes it impossible to restore optimal conditions for the

 organism. Numerous examples confirm that overworking the body is very dangerous in the long run and can be the cause of a number of abnormalities. It's not hard to guess that running at full availability will eventually degrade performance on many levels. There are many examples:

  • Constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue
  • Poor sleep quality and difficulty sleeping
  • Excessive muscle tension
  • Feeling of increased stress, with deterioration in mood and a marked decrease in feelings of well-being
  • An uncontrollable feeling of hunger and craving for sweets - the result of a massive loss of energy
  • Hormonal disorders, such as low testosterone levels, and increased cortisol secretion

Impairment of cognitive functions, eg decreased focus and attention span.

Everyone has limits to their endurance. This is why a lack of a good balance between work and rest begins to emerge over time. As the saying goes, the best is the enemy of the good - perfectionism and high ambitions can sometimes be disastrous.

How do you deal with a very dangerous lifestyle?

There are many effective strategies for "managing" a high-risk lifestyle. Everything is dictated by risk factors that lead to a possible deterioration of the current state of health. For example, people who exercise regularly should make sure that they are exercising at an optimal intensity and remember the importance of post-workout stretching. People who work long hours while they are concentrating should make sure they "rest their heads" by going for a walk for example.


The daily diet is also important. A high-speed body requires that the nutritional plan provide the ingredients necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system, maintain optimal energy metabolism and reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

To this end, it is necessary to cover the daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals. Vita-Min Multi Sport from Olimp Sport Nutrition - a complex of the most important vitamins and minerals, selected in optimal proportions and obtained from microbiologically tested raw materials - is a good solution. Designed with attention to detail and to pharmaceutical standards, the formula is enriched with valuable additives, including standardized plant extracts.


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