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What can you do to have healthy joints and strong bones? Simple ways!

 What can you do to have healthy joints and strong bones? Simple ways!

The popular saying that sport is synonymous with health has a second background. Although regular physical activity has incredible benefits for muscles, body weight, or the cardiovascular system, in practice it can be dangerous for the muscles. What can you do to get healthy joints and strong bones without giving up your favorite sport?

What can you do to have healthy joints and strong bones? Warm-up is necessary

How many times when you came to the gym or health club, did you see sports enthusiasts who practically started exercising straight from the walk? Warming up seems like a waste of time, according to many amateur athletes, and is actually just as important to progress and health as the exercise itself. It may be helpful to set aside 10 or 15 minutes before you start

 training for some simple activities. Short dynamic exercises will prepare the joints for more intense work. The joints, ligaments, and tendons will become more flexible and their initial stretch will avoid the problem of limited range of motion or decreased stamina and stability, which are often the cause of serious injuries.

  • jack bouncy
  • bird dog
  • worms
  • The largest stretch in the world,
  • Orbit / stationary bike / treadmill

What can you do to have healthy joints and strong bones? a balanced diet

Our grandparents already mentioned that in order to be healthy and strong, we must eat well. It's hard to disagree with this, because daily nutrition has a huge impact on joint health and bone strength. Most people know very well that a varied diet is the foundation of optimal health. In the case of the musculoskeletal system, we must take care of several especially important components, which should be given priority in our diet. These include in particular:

Protein is generally considered a macro factor that determines the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, but it also contributes to bone health in practice.

Magnesium - is one of the basic elements that affect the functioning of the nervous system, but maintaining its optimal level promotes the correct synthesis of proteins and maintains the useful form of bones and teeth.

Vitamin C - primarily known as a powerful antioxidant and an ingredient that supports the functioning of the immune system - is also important to the musculoskeletal system, as evidenced by its effect on the proper production of collagen that supports bone function.

Vitamin D - the task of this component is to increase the participation and utilization of calcium and phosphorous, which are one of the main components of mineral management in skeletons. In addition, vitamin D ensures the regulation of the proper functioning of the muscles.

Vitamin K - A very good supplement for Vitamin D in terms of supporting the maintenance of bone health. In addition, it has a valuable effect on the blood coagulation process.

When the daily diet is not enough, it is worth taking a supplement. In the case of protein, a 100% whey protein complex, which provides the optimum amount of whey protein in concentrate and isolate form, would be a good choice. Gold Vit D3 + K2 Sport Edition is

 the perfect blend of two essential vitamins in an innovative form of flow wraps, which allows for fast and highly practical support. Magnesium and Vitamin C are found in the main Olimp Vita-Min Multi Sport - a multi-ingredient formula that also contains other essential vitamins and minerals in easily absorbed forms.

The above products are part of the rich offer of the brand Olimp Sport Nutrition - the Polish company of preparations for athletes and physically active people, whose long experience supports pharmaceutical standards. Innovative laboratory facilities, a modern research and development complex and advanced production technology are a guarantee of receiving the highest quality product, the composition of which corresponds to the declaration on the label.


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