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What are the types of push-ups and why are they worth doing?

 What are the types of push-ups and why are they worth doing?

Among the huge number of exercises with body weight push-ups, they undoubtedly prevail. The activity that mainly consists of bending and straightening the arms in front support is well known to athletes all over the world. However, there are many variations of this classic exercise, which makes it possible to diversify the sequential exercises. What are the types of pumps? Are all of them suitable for beginners?

Pump Types - List

There is something to be said about the exercise itself before moving on to specific types of push-ups. The movements performed allow effective stimulation of the chest muscles and three biceps (and therefore the triceps bronchial) and also contribute to the involvement of

 the anterior serratus muscles, the coracoid muscle and all the knots of the shoulder muscles. Professional athletes recommend warming up the muscles of the upper limbs and abdominal muscles well before starting the exercises. Thanks to this, the risk of infection is much lower.

The classic push-up is characterized by placing the hands at shoulder width (slightly wider than chest width and slightly bent outward). The body should be straight, supported by the fingers with the feet close to each other. The body should be lowered (with the back straight all the time) until a right angle is formed by the elbow joint. This type of push-up involves the middle part of the chest muscles.

What other types of pumps are there? Here is a list of 10 more configurations, the implementation of which will definitely not leave you bored during workouts and will allow the effective development of the upper body and build endurance of certain muscle groups.

Push-ups with the hands widened or separated from each other

Push-ups with narrow hands, called diamond push-ups

Push-up with hands raised at hip height

Push-ups (with hands, legs, or only one part of the body)

Push-ups on an incline, called dips or Swedish push-ups,

Push-ups with an asymmetrical spread of the arm (for example, Spider-Man push-ups, squat push-ups, push-ups, or one-handed push-ups)

Push-ups with claps between each push-up

Push-up while raising hands

Pike push-up (called "javelin")

Single leg raised push-up

Chest exercises. Protein Pumps & Supplements

Although training plans based on the implementation of different types of push-ups give powerful effects in the development of the figure, one should not forget about the important role of proteins in the daily diet. In order to provide the optimum amount of protein, it is worth choosing a 100% Whey Protein Nutrition Complex from the Olimp Sport Nutrition

 brand. This product is based on high quality whey in a concentrate and isolate form that is easy to absorb and has a rich content of amino acids. The product was developed in the

 modern laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories and promotes the maintenance of muscle mass and bone health. Nutrients are available in many exciting flavors that make it possible to diversify an existing diet and give a whole new taste to certain meals (such as muesli, puddings or pancakes).


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