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What are the natural sources of protein in the daily diet of athletes?

 What are the natural sources of protein in the daily diet of athletes?

The role of proteins in a healthy and varied diet is undoubtedly important. Maintaining their adequate supply in the daily diet is the best way to build and maintain muscle mass. What are the natural sources of protein that can help you achieve the desired goal?

What are the sources of natural animal protein?

There is no doubt that one of the main sources of protein in your daily diet is animal products. A large number of physically active people use the natural proteins contained in foods of this type. It is little known today that fans of bodybuilding and other strength and endurance sports cannot imagine a post-workout meal without a solid portion of meat! In this regard, you should pay attention to lean poultry meat (eg chicken and turkey), fish (eg salmon, Atlantic cod, eye fish, trout, seafood) and sometimes red meat (pork, beef).

Another equally valid group of products that can serve as a natural protein source are the items that fall under the category of dairy products. Milk and milk products are a very popular part of the diet for physically active people, who are looking for an alternative to

 meat-based foods. That is why different types of cheese (such as quark, mozzarella, feta), kefir, natural yogurt or milk will wonderfully enrich our diet and allow us to maintain variety in our diet. An equally important point is eggs, which are often the spearhead in the diet plans of both novice and experienced athletes.

What are the sources of natural plant protein?

However, we cannot forget that it is not only meat that sustains people and that a large part of the population prefers a vegetarian or vegan diet. There is nothing wrong, especially since plant proteins often have a rich composition of amino acids like animal products. Also, natural plant protein sources are not as hard to digest as meat and contain high amounts of fiber. Therefore, plant proteins are likely to be more effective in reducing hunger and providing a long-lasting feeling of satiety.


What natural sources of vegetable protein deserve special attention?

  • soy
  • tofu
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Some grains and some varieties of rice (such as brown rice)
  • Varieties (such as beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas)

Are nutritional supplements a good source of natural protein?

Although everyone knows that a balanced diet is an essential aspect of building a dream character and achieving sportsmanship, sometimes the guidelines are difficult to follow. Maintaining an optimal supply of protein is one of the primary issues in increasing muscle mass and achieving the required muscle building. This is why people who exercise, regardless of the stage or type of sport, often use protein supplements.

It is a group of products in the form of an easily soluble powder, which, after dissolving in water or skimmed milk, makes it possible to prepare a very tasty milkshake with a high content of healthy proteins. Depending on your preference, the composition of the product can be based on natural animal or vegetable protein sources. However, it must be remembered that the nutrients are only a supplement to the daily diet and cannot be considered as a substitute.

People looking for animal protein can use a supplement with 100% Whey Protein Complex, which contains a blend of whey protein concentrate (WPC) and isolate (WPI). Thanks to the optimal ratios of the two types of protein used, the product offers a different absorption time, its amazing flavors and very good solubility ensure maximum pleasure when ingested.

Lovers of plant-based diets have a plant-based protein complex conditioner at their disposal. This product is a blend of 3 different natural plant protein sources. This dietary supplement contains proteins of vegetable origin from peas, brown rice and pumpkin seeds, which are in no way inferior to products that use animal proteins. The product contains no sugar and the chocolate taste is enhanced with natural cocoa!

Both products are available in the offer of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand - a long-standing manufacturer of nutritional supplements and products for physically active people. Each product is prepared according to the necessary safety standards and the highest quality of production, which is best confirmed by microbiologically tested raw materials, innovative technology and innovative laboratories, as well as a team of experts.Qualified experts from modern research and development center.


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