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What are functional foods?

 What are functional foods?

If a daily diet and maintaining optimal calories is a problem, then it is worth considering the introduction of products called functional foods. Does it really have a positive effect on health? What active substances must the products contain to belong to this group?

Functional foods - what are they?

Although the term may sound abstract, in fact we refer to functional foods as foods that, in addition to their nutritional properties, have a beneficial effect on our health and daily performance. This means that in addition to the essential and essential nutrients found in a particular product, its content has been enriched with a number of active ingredients that can have positive effects on the body on many different levels. What are the most common additional ingredients in functional foods?

  • Dietary fiber
  • Plant-derived sterols
  • Vitamins and minerals in more or less absorbable forms
  • unsaturated omega fatty acids (eg, omega-3)
  • Natural antioxidants (for example, citrus extracts)
  • Substances with stimulating and stimulating properties (such as caffeine, taurine, and inositol)
  • Amino acids and their derivatives (such as choline and lecithin)
  • Live bacterial cultures and the materials they feed on (probiotics and prebiotics)

Functional and healthy foods

A basic principle of functional foods is to provide the body with nutrients that have a documented and positive effect on health. Products of this group have a wide range of applications, which is determined by the active ingredients they contain. Starting from

 supporting the body in terms of physical and psychological efficiency, reducing fatigue, improving immune performance or reducing excessive appetite, ending with intensifying the work of the intestines and reducing the risk of disorders such as obesity, osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease.

Functional foods from Olymp Sport Nutrition

The rich offering of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand would not be complete without certain functional foods. The products, as well as other dietary supplements, are produced in the modern laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories. This is proven by the use of microbiologically tested raw materials, the use of advanced laboratory techniques and the application of innovative production solutions.

Olimp Protein Snack is a unique solution for people who want to maintain a normal body weight but can't give up sweets. The product is an incredibly tasty snack in the form of a crunchy wafer with protein-rich cream (WPC Whole Whey Concentrate!) in a delicious filling. Both amazing flavors (chocolate, nuts) will allow you to forget about high-calorie snacks, and will also help preserve muscle mass and reduce the desire to eat something sweet.


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