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What are the best supplements to support liver health?

 What are the best supplements to support liver health?

The old saying of bile formation is not without foundation This small organ which is the liver plays a very important role in the good functioning of the human organism. How do you take care of liver health? What nutritional supplements will support its action and will prove to be the best?

Liver health is the foundation of the body

It is not without reason that the liver is considered one of the most important organs for the health of the whole body and all others. Almost all metabolic processes that occur in the human organism depend on it. It comes down to the jobs he is responsible for, and while they are really numerous, we can basically distinguish the four most important ones:

  • nomination
  • Detoxing
  • storage and metabolism,

Any disturbance in any of the above aspects will quickly affect the general state of health, which can cause pronounced discomfort and a series of diseases.

Liver function by filter aspect

According to specialists, the liver allows the excretion of used and useless erythrocytes (red blood cells). In addition, it allows the synthesis of urea, which is the deamination process that occurs when excessive amounts of amino acids appear. This organ also allows to get rid

 of ammonia, which is a side effect of urea transformations in the small intestine. Liver cells also filter dangerous microorganisms (such as antigens, bacteria, viruses or fungi), facilitating their neutralization and optimizing the functioning of the immune system.

Liver function from the point of view of detoxification

This ammonia mentioned above is converted by the liver to the form of urea which is excreted outside the body. In addition, this small organ makes it possible to neutralize all harmful and toxic substances that are brought into the body through the daily diet - we are talking here about food preservatives, components of consumed medicines and stimulants (for example, alcohol or nicotine contained in cigarettes). ) or certain chemicals commonly used in growing plants. The liver is also extremely important to health in terms of fat management. In fact, the bile produced by the liver allows the conversion of fats and thus reduces the risk of overloading the digestive system.

Liver function on the storage side

Metabolizing carbohydrates into fats and glucose allows the body to get the right amount of energy. This energy is stored in the liver as backup sugar or glycogen - the primary fuel for hard-working muscles. The liver also affects the total protein balance. This is where plasma

 proteins such as prothrombin and other components that support clotting processes are synthesized. We must not forget that the liver stores vitamins and minerals, the properties of which have a significant impact on health. These include vitamins A, C, D, B12 and iron.

What are the best supplements to support liver health?

Supplements with a multi-ingredient formula would be a good choice as they will support the body on many different levels. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers two products formulated for athletes who train intensely, whose diet is often associated with consuming a large number of calories and a large amount of protein. It is very stressful for the health of the liver, so it is worth choosing solutions that are of high quality.

Products such as Detoxeed-Pro ™ and Hepaplus Sport Edition are a meticulously prepared mixture of the best active ingredients that have a valuable effect on the condition and functioning of the liver, obtained from high-quality, tested raw materials. The compositions of the product include, among other things, plant extracts of high standards (such as artichoke, spotted thistle, turmeric), amino acids (such as L-ornitine or choline) and valuable vitamins of group B. Swallow capsules.


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