What are the best supplements and vitamins for nail health?

 What are the best supplements and vitamins for nail health?

Healthy nails and their care play an important role in hand aesthetics. Unfortunately, a daily diet with a lack of vitamins can worsen their condition. What are the best supplements to keep your nails in good condition?

What are the symptoms that indicate nail problems?

How do you know that your nails are not healthy, and their current condition is not good, and you are asking for help? The first sign is mainly fragility. Low strength is usually one of the first signs that their condition is deteriorating, causing unwanted damage and fractures.

 Excessive softness, exaggerated fragility and tendency to breakage are usually the result of an unbalanced diet. Not getting enough vitamins and minerals has a real impact on weakening their potency. Also, a very common sign of unhealthy nails is discoloration of the nail surface in the form of small white spots that appear.

What are the components of a daily supplement diet in the first place? In the case of vitamin components, special attention should be paid to vitamin A, components of group B (mainly biotin and folic acid), vitamins D and E. Amounts of zinc, phosphorous, silicon,

 magnesium, selenium, calcium and iron. Omega-3 fatty acids and a number of herbal ingredients, for example horsetail and nettle, will have the same effect in maintaining healthy nails. Some supplements may contain sulfur amino acids or hydrolyzed collagen protein.

What are the best supplements and vitamins for nail health?

The brand Olimp Labs has developed a multi-ingredient formula product for people who want to enrich their daily diet with ingredients that have a real impact on nail health. The supplement Innovum silica Max consists of the most important vitamins and minerals in optimal proportions, which are enriched with valuable additives - high-quality extracts of

 horsetail, nettle, silica and cysteine. The product is available in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules, and the formula of the supplement itself has been meticulously developed in the advanced laboratory facilities of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories.. On the other hand, high-quality, microbiologically tested raw materials and modern production technology guarantee the maximum purity of composition and necessary safety during use.

In the case of Omega-3, which is an equally important support for nail health, the Gold Omega-3 Sport Edition supplement from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand would be the best choice. The capsules contain high-quality fish oil, standardized to 65% omega-3 fatty acids (33% EPA, 22% DHA and 10% other fatty acids). The composition of the product is

 supplemented with an optimal dose of vitamin E, a valuable component for protecting cells from oxidative stress and the accompanying free oxygen radicals. The product will prove to be an effective supplement for the vitamins and other ingredients of Innovum Silica Max.

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