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What are the best supplements and vitamins to counteract the effect of dry skin?

 What are the best supplements and vitamins to counteract the effect of dry skin?

An unbalanced diet can cause many skin discomforts. Often, the problem of dry skin is a consequence of poor nutrition and a lack of various vitamins. What are the best nutritional supplements to enrich your daily diet with essential active ingredients?

What can cause dry skin?

A poor diet is just one of the many risk factors that can worsen skin deterioration. In many cases, dry and ugly skin can be caused, for example, by:

  • DNA,
  • gradual aging process,
  • Non-compliance with safety rules for sunbathing
  • Excessive stress and the harmful effects of oxygen free radicals,
  • immune problems and the disturbing effects of oxidative stress,
  • Poor maintenance and cleaning of the skin, for example after strenuous workouts,
  • Adverse environmental conditions (such as pollution) and climatic conditions (such as extreme temperatures and low humidity).

However, a daily diet is the best way to ensure optimal skin conditions. The lack of proper vitamins leads to a deterioration in the condition of the skin, which increases the risk of its deterioration. Therefore, a varied diet will be beneficially supported by supplements that contain the most important and best vitamins for dry skin.

What vitamins should the best supplements for dry skin contain?

The composition of nutritional supplements that are intended to help you deal with dry skin should be complete. The multidimensional formula will provide the best results and help you return to peak condition. What vitamins should be included in this preparation?

Vitamin A - exhibits properties that slow down the skin aging process and promote skin revitalization, improves skin firmness, hydration and elasticity, reduces discoloration and reduces the appearance of freckles and age spots.

Vitamin C - one of the components necessary for the correct synthesis of collagen, which maintains the proper functioning of the skin, is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to the prevention of oxygen free radicals.

Vitamin E - exhibits extremely valuable protective effects for cells (including the skin) against oxidative stress, and is often considered the most powerful antioxidant in the human body.

B vitamins - a deficiency of riboflavin (B2) often leads to excessive dryness of the skin, which may be associated with the properties of riboflavin that control the regeneration processes of the epidermis; For its part, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) has a real contribution to the skin hydration process.

In addition to the above, care must be taken to maintain the optimal level of minerals, which can have a significant effect on the condition of the skin and connective tissue. Particular attention should be paid to components such as zinc, iodine and copper.

What are the best vitamin supplements for dry skin?

The brand Olimp Sport Nutrition recommends the use of Vita-Min Multi Sport- a complex of the most important vitamins and minerals (albion amino acid chelates), enriched in addition to plant extracts. The supplement will prove itself as a form of enriching the daily diet with high-quality ingredients, as evidenced by the use of microbiologically tested raw

 materials and advanced production technologies. The product is recommended for both amateur athletes, professional athletes and all those who follow a varied diet. Thanks to the optimal proportions of the various components, the product will prove to be an ally of a diet aimed at combating excessive dryness of the skin and other imperfections,


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