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What are the appropriate exercises for women during pregnancy?

 What are the appropriate exercises for women during pregnancy?

Is it okay for a woman to reduce her physical activity during pregnancy? not necessarily ! It turns out that regular exercise can be very helpful in keeping muscles in good shape, which is very important both before and after childbirth. What are the safest exercises for each semester?

What are the benefits of exercise for women during pregnancy?

Movement is health, especially during pregnancy. Old theories about reducing or completely eliminating physical exertion of any kind do not have a positive effect on a woman's body during pregnancy. Excessive inactivity and lack of physical activity lead to a

 significant weakening of muscle groups, which must be maintained in good shape precisely due to the constant growth of the abdomen and increased tension on the spine. Remember that a pregnant woman's tendency to gain weight also increases the risk of excessive stress on the joints.

Performing the exercises helps maintain a good range of motion, maintain good muscle balance, and increase endurance. The goal of training is above all a conscious understanding of the work of the muscles and the feeling of our body. Especially at such an important time, because the upcoming birth requires knowledge and knowledge about the pelvic floor muscles from the woman.

What are the other positive outcomes of exercise during pregnancy? For a woman who is expecting a child, training will be useful in:

maintaining an optimal metabolic rate,

relieve excessive stress and improve mood,

help in the proper functioning of blood flow and the functioning of the circulatory system,

Learn correct and effective breathing through the diaphragm and thoracic airways,

Correct posture and increase energy,

Reduce the appearance of abdominal stretch marks.

What are the rules for women's exercises during pregnancy?

The starting point for starting exercises during pregnancy is the functional state of the young mother. Training is possible for a woman who is in good health and does not have health contraindications confirmed by the attending physician. Otherwise, physical activity is not recommended.

Most exercises are best done in low positions such as sitting, kneeling, or lying on your back. A very good solution for pregnant women is the use of gymnastic balls (called "fitness balls"), which are ideal for developing the habit of posture control. Also, they will allow the woman to correctly distribute the load on each of the buttocks, which will help eliminate one-sided pain in the spine. Additional accessories can be small bottles of mineral water such as dumbbells, gum or extenders.

Don't overdo it! We can't forget that workouts are there for health and not a struggle for a slim figure! Performing some vigorous movements may endanger the child, not to mention real health risks. In addition, each exercise must be performed according to the rules of the correct recommended technique.

What nutritional supplements for women during workouts during pregnancy?

Olimp Laboratories Pharmaceuticals offers a product specifically for women who are planning a pregnancy, those who are expecting a baby and for breastfeeding mothers who often find it difficult to find a safe and well formulated supplement to supplement their daily diet. Here is a multi-component formula, developed in modern laboratories to the safety standards necessary for the purity of the raw materials used.

Vita-Min Plus Mama supplement is a complex blend of the most important vitamins and minerals (in the form of chelates), which has an additional addition of cranberry fruit extracts. The ingredients in the product can support the body in various areas, such as

 reducing the feeling of fatigue, maintaining proper immune function, maintaining beneficial psychological functions, and influencing the correct energy metabolism. The product is available in capsule form that is easy to swallow and can be used in almost any situation.


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