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Water - a woman's best friend!

 Water - a woman's best friend!

What every woman should know about water?

While everyone knows that hydration plays a very important role for the body and health, the need to maintain an optimal level of hydration is always underestimated. Getting in the habit of drinking water regularly is very valuable, especially for women who are working towards their dream figure!

A few words about water and its daily dose

There is a reason why water is called a miracle of nature and a life-giving ingredient. Almost 70% of the human body is made up of water, as are the rest of its internal organs. To be precise and using the numbers, water makes up 75% of the brain, 90% of the lungs, 80% of the skin, 75% of the muscles or 24% of the bones. Water is also present in various bodily

 fluids (such as blood, saliva and sweat), and is necessary for the digestion and assimilation of the various active substances. It is therefore difficult to give one specific reason why it is important to remember that the body is properly hydrated. Water is fuel for every human being, regardless of gender, age, current level of physical activity or diet.

There are still many uncertainties surrounding optimal hydration and its daily dose. The average amount of water (for an average sized adult) is about 30ml of fluid per kilogram of body weight. According to experts, the daily dose for women should be at least 2 liters of water per day, although many suggest 2.7 liters of water. In the case of young mothers who are expecting the birth of a child, the daily amount of fluid to be taken should be 3 liters.

Which water to choose?

It may sound easy - water is water, it should be cold and it should quench thirst. However, we must not forget that our precious liquid is a rich source of various minerals! Regular consumption of water allows you to take care of your diet and is a very good way to supplement our daily need for certain ingredients.

Bottled water can be divided into 3 main types:

  • Natural mineral water whose degree of purity differs from water intended for direct and regular consumption,
  • Spring water intended for permanent use, without age or health restrictions,
  • Table water, that is, water resulting from the addition of natural mineral water, spring water or mineral salts that have an important physiological role (for example, magnesium, calcium or sodium).
  • In terms of mineralization, there are 4 types of water:
  • Very weak mineralization (less than 50 mg / 1 L)
  • Low mineral (50 to 500 mg/1 liter)
  • Moderately mineralized (500 to 1500 mg/1 liter)
  • Highly mineralized (more than 1500 mg/1 liter)

What about tap water?

More and more women and men decide to drink tap water, which reduces the production of plastic and cares about the environment. According to the principle of less is more, it is good to know that our actions are of vital importance to the reality around us. In addition, drinking tap water saves time and money. But are we sure there is no danger? Yes, if we

 have suitable crockery. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand recently introduced a glass bottle with a filtering option, which allows you to purify running water and use it on a daily basis. Its sleek shape and compact size make this bottle a product you can take with you just about anywhere. It's a great solution for women who want to take care of the environment and be comfortable in a stylish way every day.

How do you drink water correctly?

However, a large percentage of women may find it difficult to drink the two liters of water mentioned above. The size of the bottle may seem intimidating, but diet and nutrition experts have a few tricks to offer. The important thing is not to wait until you feel very

 thirsty. Certainly the best solution is to provide fluids continuously, during the day, and to drink water regularly in small quantities. At work, at university, on the road or while shopping, it is good to have a bottle of water on hand, which will easily contribute to our hydration.

Why do you drink water? Benefits for women

  • Promotes Weight Loss - It curbs appetite, reduces hunger and helps control body weight.
  • Facilitates the fight against cellulite and supports silhouette modeling.
  • It improves thermoregulation, quenches thirst and increases metabolic rate.
  • Improves the condition and condition of the skin - increases its level of hydration, tightens and nourishes the skin, contributes to maintaining healthy skin.
  • It intensifies the body's natural purification mechanisms, for example to get rid of unnecessary metabolic products and accumulated toxins.

How do you drink more water? Discover 5 simple ways!

Are there effective ways to improve hydration levels and increase fluid intake during the day? Thanks to several methods, there is an opportunity to provide the body with the necessary portion of water without any problems.

Find out for yourself 5 simple ways to drink more water!

Enrich the water with flavor and aroma, making it easy to drink. Adding fresh lemon juice or lime juice and herbs (for example, mint or rosemary) will definitely help and ensure a pleasant taste.

Add vegetable soups and creams to your diet. Thanks to them, without any hindrances, you will be able to deliver and supplement part of the daily dose of liquid.

If you are a big fan of coffee and tea, remember that they both have a slightly drying effect! Therefore, we recommend drinking a glass of water for every cup of drink consumed.

Drink a small amount of water before bed and put a bottle near the bed. Often, in the middle of the night, one can feel very thirsty, which indicates a clear need for dehydration.

Drink water whenever possible. This will allow you to develop a healthy habit that protects your body from unwanted dehydration - as a support, you can use applications that remind you of the need to drink another portion of water.


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