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Water sports replace home training?

 Water sports replace home training?

The summer sun helps outdoor activities. Good weather is a good excuse to forgo training at home and opt for outdoor exercises. Can water sports replace classic training? What should you know about them?

What are water sports?

It is not hard to guess that water sports are all forms of exercise that are performed in water. Some of them can be associated with certain types of water bodies, for example, some can be practiced anywhere, others only in large bodies of water such as seas or oceans. Most of

 them are practiced in the summer, when water and air temperatures reach high values. However, it is worth noting that many water sports are specialties that are practiced all year round - then competitions that take place in the fall or winter are added to the group of extreme sports.


The specific disciplines and their variations are closely related to factors such as:

  • the wind
  • ripple level
  • slope and water current
  • Landscape allure
  • environmental cleanliness level
  • Air and water temperature

Water sports include three groups of activities, which are divided according to the form of the participants' relationship with the water. Specialties practiced in the water include swimming (including the synchronized variety), water jumping, water soccer, and recreational gymnastics. Underwater sports include diving, as well as underwater rugby and hockey. Surface sports include kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, and snowboarding.

Can water sports replace home training?

Although many people consider strength training to be the only form of physical activity to effectively maintain optimal body shape, water sports can be a valuable alternative in practice. Especially when it comes to disciplines such as swimming, which have been

 recommended by coaches with many years of experience due to the full body involvement. Thanks to swimming, practically the whole body works - from the muscles of the limbs, to the respiratory elements, to the deep and superficial muscles of the trunk. Regular swimming will not only help you develop an athletic body and lose weight, but also help you develop your body,

Water sports and nutritional supplements

One of the biggest risks of exercising in water is the risk of involuntary muscle contraction. An insufficiently heated object can swell after contact with water, which is a major danger when swimming outdoors. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to her daily diet, especially valuable vitamins and minerals. As an additional support, we recommend Vita-

Min One from Olimp Sport Nutrition- a complex of the most important vitamins and minerals in the form of practical capsules, designed for physically active people. The product has been developed according to pharmaceutical standards with meticulous attention to every detail to ensure the highest quality and maximum satisfaction for every sports enthusiast!

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