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Vitamin D3 deficiency - causes, symptoms and effects

 Vitamin D3 deficiency - causes, symptoms and effects

Vitamin D3 is often considered an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. Does its deficiency cause serious consequences for the optimal functioning of the organism? How do you recognize the symptoms of low cholecalciferol?

What are the causes of vitamin D3 deficiency?

One of the main reasons for low levels of vitamin D3 is limited exposure to the sun. As we know, it is ultraviolet rays that allow the normal synthesis of the optimal amount of cholecalciferol. That is why vitamin D3 deficiency is often observed in people living in the

 northern part of the globe, in areas with large buildings, as well as in situations that require the necessary stay at home (for example, in the case of chronic diseases and chronic diseases. infection or convalescence after trauma or long-term paralysis). In addition, specialists point the finger

  • Long-term use of certain medications that can disrupt the normal bacterial flora and hinder the absorption of vitamin D3 from food,
  • Insufficient reference to natural sources of vitamin D3, such as eggs, fish, dairy products and certain types of cheese,
  • Excessive use of sun protection products,
  • The gradual aging process and especially the deterioration of the skin condition.

How do you know the symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency?

Vitamin D3 deficiency can affect anyone. Regardless of gender and age, the body can suffer from the problem of lack of cholecalciferol. Of course, there are characteristic symptoms caused by disturbances in a number of functions regulated by this vitamin. Symptoms that indicate low levels of vitamin D3 are:

  1. decrease in skeletal resistance,
  2. low levels of calcium and phosphorous,
  3. deterioration of immune function,
  4. disturbance of normal muscle function,
  5. problems keeping your teeth in good shape,
  6. Constant feeling of tiredness
  7. Appetite disorders and weight gain.

How to reduce the harmful effects of vitamin D3 deficiency?

Most professionals agree that the most common effects of a lack of vitamin D3 in the daily diet are problems with the musculoskeletal system. Deficient absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorous directly affects mineral processes, which may lead, among other

 things, to an increased risk of fractures, permanent bone damage, tooth loss, the development of osteoporosis or serious degenerative changes. In addition, it is often repeated that an insufficient content of cholecalciferol can be the cause of some autoimmune diseases and an accelerated aging process.

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