Very strong hands. Train your tess!

 Very strong hands. Train your tess!

The triceps muscle makes up two-thirds of the total arm muscle mass, and it plays the most important role in the circular motion of the hand rather than the biceps.

Most importantly, a well-developed triceps muscle can visually increase the width of the shoulders.

Biceps and triceps exercises

If the triceps muscle is too underdeveloped relative to the biceps, as well as to other muscle groups, you will need to train those muscles more than other muscle groups.

If the triceps muscle is not too small compared to the biceps and the dimensions of the entire arm are correct compared to other muscle groups, then we will prioritize the triceps.


Then the training program can be as follows:


1. Flex the forearm with a straight bar, in a standing position, three sets of 8 to 10 repetitions assuming that the weights we choose allow us to easily do 12 to 15 repetitions. However, we will only do 8-10 repetitions, so that this series leads to complete muscle fatigue.



Military press my braid bar in a sitting position 3x 10 to 12.

Straighten the forearms with the vertical pull-up bar 3 x 10 to 12.

Press the barbell with a firm grip on a 3 x 10 to 12 horizontal bench.


How does the triceps muscle work?

All sets are performed on the triceps for muscle fatigue, that is, with such a load that the last repetitions are performed with difficulty, but while maintaining an impeccable style of movement.

In the last series of exercises (or indeed in all triceps exercises), you can also increase the intensity by adding an intensification method of your choice, for example the technique of drop sets, movements with the help of a partner that helps you "pass" a critical point to allow more advanced muscle work, relaxation Partial during sets of exercises, etc.

Triceps working: Pay attention to pregnancy

Underdevelopment of the triceps can occur due to poor stimulation due to the use of excessive loads, which leads to the transfer of weight to other, stronger muscle groups.

If we want to isolate them correctly to get satisfactory results in terms of muscle growth, we can not use very large loads when working the triceps.

This is especially true of the military press, where the muscles of the shoulders, chest and forearms work together. Therefore, the triceps is doing much less work than it should. The boundary between heavyweight and overweight is delicate, but clearly defined, and you have to train to get close to it, but not cross it.

Working the triceps muscle: an important technique

If the performer cannot lose weight to reach the minimum where he will perform the exercise in a purely technical manner, then in order to succeed in using the muscles he wants to work with, he must (or even the first two exercises) first perform a strict muscle isolation exercise to take advantage of the principle of fatigue Primary muscle.


After isolating the muscles, the triceps will be the first to get tired. This will improve their sensations by increasing muscle tone, forcing them to lose weight during the following exercises and forcing them to use better technique for their accomplishments.


The proposed training program will then be as follows:

Raising the arms above the head (in a sitting or standing position) with the pulley in the low position,

Press the iron in the lying position,

Military iron pressure from the body, in a lying position.

Each exercise is performed in three to four sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

The triceps muscle works the same as the work of every major muscle

If we have a deficiency of one part of the triceps muscle, although the three parts work together during the exercises, then this means that they do not work equally. Those who work intensively in a particular job, of course, are more strongly motivated to grow.

If we have a very small side part, then we will choose exercises in which the elbows are placed in front of the body, for example:

straightening the forearms using a pull-up bar or pulley, with the hands held in front of the body,

military pressure on the bar for the body in a lying position,

Squeeze the bar with a firm grip, while lying on the bench.


If the inside is too small, choose exercises that put your elbows above your head.

We suggest :

Press the bar in a sitting position,

military press with one hand of dumbbells in a sitting (or standing) position,

Trunk straightening, in a sitting (or standing) position with the pull-up bar (or pulley) vertically in the low position.


If the middle part of the triceps is too small, then the strongest is used in exercises that require the elbows to be at the back, behind the torso, for example. Previous. :

handrail push-ups,

Bench press-ups.

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