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vegetarian proteins. What are the plant sources of protein?

 vegetarian proteins. What are the plant sources of protein?

Vegetarians and vegans are increasingly resorting to dietary supplements. Especially when it comes to protein, an essential component for maintaining an athletic physique and optimal muscle mass. Are plant-based protein supplements a good solution?

What vegan products are a source of plant protein?

Carnivores need not complain about general access to natural sources of protein. Meat, dairy products, milk and milk products, various types of cheese, fish, seafood or even eggs are of great quality and form a real basic base, especially for physically active people who train regularly. According to many people, proteins of plant origin are less valuable and are characterized by a much lower content of valuable amino acids.


Of course, this is utter nonsense, because plant proteins of vegans have the same, if not identical, aminograms of animal proteins. Physically active vegetarians and vegans know well that amino acids are just as important as proteins, which is why they choose products in their diet that are part of a high-quality, complete source.

What food products will be a valuable source of vegetable protein for vegetarians?

  • tofu,
  • Cocoa beans,
  • Seeds, grains or blobs
  • spirulina, chlorella and other seaweed,
  • Quinoa rice and various grains
  • legumes - chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils,
  • Various types of nuts (including nut creams and pastes)

Why is protein important for vegetarians? The role of vegetable proteins in the daily diet

Maintaining an optimal amount of protein in the diet is important not only for vegetarians. Every follower of an active lifestyle knows that protein can contribute to the growth and maintenance of existing muscle mass. In addition, proteins (including plant proteins as well) help maintain bone health. In turn, the amino acids contained in it are the basic building blocks of muscle tissue, which makes it possible to guess that they play an important role when working on an athletic figure.

Is a protein supplement a good source of plant protein for vegetarians?

Vegetarians and vegans are very interested in nutritional supplements. Sometimes a product whose composition announces the complete absence of animal components turns out to be the exact opposite. Therefore, when deciding to purchase a protein food supplement, one must choose a product that provides reliable content and is consistent with the label.


The Plant Protein Complex Supplement is a unique nutritional supplement that enriches the daily diet with complete plant proteins. Specially formulated for vegans and vegetarians, the product contains up to 3 different sources of protein - peas, brown rice and pumpkin seeds. In its content there are only completely natural and vegetable additives (such as real cocoa,

 stevia or xylitol), without any prohibited ingredients. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers the product in two different flavors (natural and chocolate), and the food supplement was created according to the philosophy of the pharmaceutical company, using high-quality, tested raw materials, above all with adherents of a sports and vegetarian diet.


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