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Ultra Marathon? The ultimate in marathons at your fingertips!

Ultra Marathon? The ultimate in marathons at your fingertips!

50, 100 or 160 km? 12 or 24 hours? Any distance that exceeds the marathon mark of 42.2 kilometers falls under the super marathon. What may seem like a crazy effort for novice runners is actually

 achievable for anyone who has no health contraindications. Don't you believe it? Our six arguments will definitely help you develop your imagination.

A super marathon teaches you that you can expand your physical and mental horizons and push your limits (almost) as you wish. With a good training program, recovery, discipline, and belief in

 yourself, you can achieve more than you think! In the marathon and in life. In the event of a heavy blow, an isotonic endurance drink will help you go the distance, an absolute must for all Ultras.

Whether you're just getting started with your training or you've already ran thousands of miles around the clock, a super marathon is right at your fingertips. The way to go is the goal. In training and in competition. Are you ready to start racing?

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6 Reasons You Can Run a Super Marathon

There are many reasons why you might want to run a super marathon: nature, community, the discipline you carry with you for life, and above all the pleasant feeling of making yourself and your goals a priority.

Does this tempt you? excellent ! These six arguments explaining why you should be radicalized in the future, strengthen your confidence and dispel your last doubts.

1 Born to Run: Humans are extreme runners.

Long and slow distances are part of human nature. In fact, it is even one of the reasons that led to the evolution of man. Humans are some of the best distance runners.

In 2004, evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman published a study called "Born to Run," in which he explained, using unearthed fossils, that humans have perfected long-distance running. To kill other

 species, which is usually much faster, humans chased their prey for hours and hours until they were no longer able to run. Likewise, berries and herbs were not always growing in front of the cave entrance.

The super marathon is in our genes. So awaken the spirit of your ancestors within you and start running!

2- Walking is permissible

At least for amateur runners. But even some super runners, no matter how experienced they are, sometimes slow their pace. Our ancestors did not chase their prey in a fast race, and the berries were not collected at full speed.

Ultra-distance art operates for a long time and is slow with the ability to respond to the demands of the environment. Therefore, walking is permitted. Whether it's because you just need an active break in the middle of the night, or because you're climbing or descending a very steep mountain.

The prospect of not having to drive 70, 100, or more miles in a row makes the entire Ultra project a lot more realistic.

3 - The journey is the mission. no time.

In the running community, speed is often emphasized. In the Ultra community, which is recognized as a very private community, things look a little different. At least, as long as you're not a super experienced runner.

Instead of reaching the finish line as quickly as possible, leave your competitive ego at the starting line and enjoy racing with your buddies as a community. Finally, ultra marathons are generally held in the midst of the most beautiful landscapes. Otherwise, why are you running so long?

4 - A marathon is like hiking without an overnight stay

Do you like to walk? Great, because a marathon is like hiking without overnight stays or long breaks. It's about enjoying nature at your own pace. Anyone can do that.

Another plus: The focus on fun rather than speed and scoring makes the Ultramarathon more relaxing than any other. A distance of between 5 and 42.4 km, where you are desperately trying to make

 your best time, where you control your speed by looking at your running clock and as you cross the finish line panting, exhausted, but generally happy. Don't get me wrong, this has its charms too. But it is different from a comfortable long jog through nature.

5 - You don't have to start running tomorrow

As with any goal, you are preparing for a step-by-step super marathon. On average, you increase distances and intensity by about 10% per week. Between 10 and 20 kilometers per week, it may seem

 insignificant. Between 60 and 100 kilometers a week, it's different. So give yourself the time you need. Keep in mind that your passive musculoskeletal system must also get used to this new effort. The ultra-marathon comes down to one thing above all else: no pressure. This is exactly what makes it accessible to everyone.

When 35 km doesn't seem like a long distance, because that often happens when your carb stores are depleted, and once you cross the finish line of a marathon, you'll be like, 'Okay, could have gotten a few more miles', it's definitely time to plan your first marathon. for you.

6- State of mind: an ultra marathon consists of only kilometers

Often the determining factor is the state of mind, not the body. Do you doubt your ability to run super marathons? So this is the first thing you need to work on.

During training, mentally divide your kilometers into small rings "A super marathon is only 20 times around the lake"? easy ! Or is 20 km easy? Cool, so move on to the next 20! Before training, ask yourself where your doubts come from and dispel them as much as possible. Your body can do a super job. At least, if you take good care of him.

Can I really run a super marathon?

You have to admit it: Even if marathon running is somehow embedded in your genes, a certain time has passed since the hunter's generation. Modern life, with hours of unilateral poses, prolonged sitting instead of running, and meals too many or high in calories, doesn't always create the ideal conditions for a half marathon.

(Almost) anyone can run a super marathon. However, not overnight, but with careful step-by-step preparation. To the complex question of when is the right time to run your first marathon, you'll find many answers within the community.

Here are some basic requirements at a glance:

You already have a few years of running experience

The marathon is not a problem, especially if you run it slower

Running 35 km is a leisurely training race

Your core stamina is excellent and you know how you can improve it even further.

You are doing compensatory exercises in the form of strength, movement and pull training </strong> designed for runners

Have alternative running training adapted to your training program.

You know your body and you know how to assess effort

The training program and adherence regimen are second nature

You are also ready to run at night

You have no medical contraindications to running a super marathon

you are fine ? So what are you waiting for? Enjoy training! 


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