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Try the 5 best cardio exercises in the gym!

 Try the 5 best cardio exercises in the gym!

For some it is a real torture, for others it is an incredible pleasure and a desirable moment to get rid of excessive emotions. Cardio exercises have as many supporters as opponents, but their effectiveness in the process of sculpting the athlete's body and fighting excess weight is undeniable. Which of them is worth practicing? Here are the top 5 suggestions that you can easily implement during your time in the gym!

5 best cardio exercises in the gym: running

Running is the undisputed king of all cardio exercises in the gym - it is one of the main physical activities and at the same time a separate exercise regimen that can be done in many different ways. When running on a treadmill, there are quite a few adjustments that can make running more engaging for the next miles. You can decide for yourself how far you will run, if you plan to run on flat ground or if you want to try your hand at running uphill or even set your own pace.

Top 5 Indoor Cardio Workouts: The Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical press training isn't the best form of indoor cardio, which is very detrimental. Such a physical effort engages the whole body (with a slightly greater emphasis on the upper extremity than the aforementioned running), and the construction and operation of the

 machine allows for significant joint relief. That is why the elliptical is often recommended for people who, after injuries or due to excess weight, have additional damage to the musculoskeletal system.

Top 5 Indoor Cardio Workouts: Rowing

Perfect for people who aren't convinced of doing cardio at the gym. Thanks to rowing, you will not only be able to fight excess fat, but also effectively develop the strength and endurance of your back muscles. Regular training on this machine will prove invaluable, for example as a form of adaptation to rowing with a barbell or even a precursor to regular barbell barbell weightlifting workouts.

Top 5 Cardio Workouts in the Gym: Climbing Stairs and Working Out

Often, cardio exercises in the gym are done by women who avoid weight lifting exercises. It is not difficult to guess that one of the priorities of their personal work will be the development of strong buttocks and slender legs. On the other hand, this can be achieved through stepper training or 'stair climbing' devices. Regular practice of a few dozen minutes of this type of activity will definitely help you get rid of cellulite and facilitate the loss of excess fat.

Top 5 Indoor Cardio Workouts: The Stationary Bike

It is an ideal solution for any cycling enthusiast who, due to bad weather conditions, has to stop training outdoors. However, cardio in the form of riding a stationary bike in the gym can also be beneficial for improving fitness or increasing leg muscle strength and endurance.


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