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Triceps exercises at home - what exercises are worth doing?

 Triceps exercises at home - what exercises are worth doing?

Strong shoulder muscles have long been a source of respect among practitioners and form the basis for an effective upper body appearance. Many people focus on expanding the biceps, forgetting that the triceps muscle is just as important. What types of triceps exercises are suitable for home to get visible results?

Triceps exercises at home - What is the role of the triceps?

A muscle called the triceps makes up the posterior group of the shoulder muscles, which is much larger than the common biceps muscle. The triceps shoulder muscle, as its name suggests, has a wide opening area that covers three distinct heads. The long head starts from the primary tumor of the scapula. The medial head begins on the posterior surface of the

 humerus (under the groove of the radial nerve) and is partly part of the capsule of the elbow joint. In turn, the initial lateral head traction is also on the posterior surface of the humerus (however, above the groove of the radial nerve) and on the lateral muscular septum. All muscle heads terminate in a common end tendon on the posterior surface of the ulnar appendage.

To choose suitable triceps exercises at home, you need to know how the triceps works. The primary function is to straighten the forearm at the elbow joint, which is possible by engaging all the triceps muscles. In addition, the long head has the effect of straightening and rounding the arm in the shoulder joint. Home workouts with dumbbells People who

 choose to exercise at home often have dumbbells, which allow for exercises that have a significant impact on triceps development. The additional load allows for greater efficiency in terms of developing muscle strength and endurance, and above all supports an increase in their mass.

What exercises with dumbbells for the triceps can be done at home?

Straightening the forearms when lowering the torso

Straightening the forearms in a sitting position with the dumbbells fixed behind the head

Straightening the forearms from the back (as the French press says).

Triceps exercises at home with body weight

However, not everyone is satisfied with training with equipment. In this case, bodyweight exercises are a good solution, which have the same effective effect on the triceps and can be performed at home. This type of activity is recommended for both beginners and experienced.


What triceps exercises can be done at home based on body weight alone?

  • narrow pumps
  • Reverse pumps (called standby pumps)
  • Incline push-ups (called dips - done on the edges of chairs)

Should triceps exercises at home be supplemented with nutritional supplements?

To obtain visible effects, it will be necessary to follow a balanced diet. However, even the best prepared diet plan may require additional support. Then it is worth moving on to dietary supplements from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand - products prepared in modern laboratories, worthy of a high-quality pharmaceutical company, the purity of which has been tested.

What supplements are worth using when doing triceps workout at home?

100% Whey Protein Complex - Incredibly delicious protein supplement, allowing to supplement your daily diet with whey protein in two forms (WPC Concentrate and WPI Isolate) and ensuring muscle mass growth and maintenance

Vita-Min Multi Sport - essential vitamins and minerals (in the form of the unique amino acid chelate Albion®) with the addition of plant extracts, creating a valuable complex for everyday nutrition, for example in support of the immune system, nervous system or energy metabolism

Ashwagandha 600 Sport - capsules containing a high-quality extract of Withania somnifera root (standardized with 5% of valuable vitamins) and provides optimal support for the body's adaptation to increased levels of fatigue


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