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Travel healthy food - what do you want to know?

 Travel healthy food - what do you want to know?

There are plenty of opportunities to travel throughout the year. Domestic and international travel often means forgoing healthy eating, which many people believe is meant to relieve travelers of additional responsibilities. But is eating healthy food while traveling a real problem?

How do you maintain a healthy diet while traveling?

Above all, it is necessary to make a careful travel plan. There are a few important things to consider: flight duration, type of transportation, number of possible stops, and access to cooking facilities. It is possible to use the kitchen to prepare a simple and balanced meal

 overnight. However, you should not let yourself go. Occasional meals in restaurants with fresh, high-quality produce will not affect the overall quality of a healthy diet. Especially when you are on vacation, you can take a break, even when it comes to your diet.

Ready meals should be easy to eat. Above all, choose practical boxes, shakers or jars, which will bring the necessary freshness to the food. In addition, its small size allows you to store it in a backpack or handbag. It is a very practical solution that allows you to enjoy healthy food while traveling.


Taste plays a vital role in meals. Almost all "travel menu" options should taste good and cool. Access to a small kitchen or simple appliances is often limited. In addition, limited use of the refrigerator requires preparing meals with products that preserve their freshness for a long time.

Travel Healthy Eating - Meal Suggestions

The ingredients used in preparing your food should be readily available. Some snacks and meals can be easily prepared right after shopping. This way, it is always possible to maintain a healthy diet while traveling. If it is possible to limit the consumption of high-calorie products during a trip or business trip, then it is worth taking advantage of it.

Here are some sample meals suggested for travel enthusiasts:

  1.  Homemade Granola with Fruits, Natural Yogurt, and Olympus Whey Protein Complex.
  2. Whole wheat bread sandwiches with vegetable batter (chives, cucumber, avocado) and ham or smoked tofu for vegetarians and vegans.
  3. Salad with cooked pasta, lentils, arugula, sunflower seeds and olive oil.
  4. Tortilla with lettuce, grilled chicken and assorted cherry tomatoes.
  5. Camembert with nuts and bread
  6. Olymp High Protein Brownie Muffin with Delicious & Zero Calorie Sauce
  7. Suitable protein snacks such as bars (like the Gladiator High Protein Bar) or crunchy chips (Olimp Protein Snack).


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