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Training for beginners. How do you start bodybuilding?

 Training for beginners. How do you start bodybuilding?

The individual goals of strength training are to burn fat, reduce weight, increase muscle mass, increase efficiency and endurance, and increase strength.

Whatever your goals, you need to know the basics and how to start your own training. A poor approach initially leads to rapid disappointment and frustration associated with a program that is not implemented.

The training program is the basis

Doing exercises in an overly ambitious, chaotic manner or exercises that are part of an advanced bodybuilding program reflects common behaviors that should be avoided. Start with a structured and effective training program that will allow you to achieve results and fitness, at the same time, that will keep you motivated and well-being.

Reaching the goal, even if it doesn't mean getting on the podium, is a long process. It requires patience, perseverance and consistency. However, the results are really amazing.

Full Body Workout (FBW) - Great Workout Program for Beginners

In the beginning all the exercises should work the whole body. FBW actually works all muscle groups in one session. Sessions are repeated three times a week. The methodology allows for teamwork, which provides the muscles with the appropriate stimuli to stimulate their growth. This exercise program can protect against overtraining and keep the whole body in shape.

The intervals between workouts are crucial here. The error of increasing the frequency is often repeated, and this very quickly leads to fatigue and frustration.

Muscle warm up

Every workout should be preceded by a warm-up. On average, 10 minutes of intense aerobic training using a stepper, jumping jack, treadmill, or stationary bike. This leads to an improvement in blood circulation. The next step after the warm-up should be swinging

 hands and legs, twisting and bent, trying to prepare the joints for the exercise. A warm-up is an integral part of the entire exercise, every exercise requires a warm-up of the muscles, so at least one set of warm-up should be done before each exercise, increasing the number of repetitions. Failure to warm up often leads to bruising.

For each muscle of the corresponding chain

During one session, each muscle group should be working. Therefore, the training program should include one or two exercises for each part. Each exercise should be performed in 2-3 sets, while each set should be performed 8-10 times. As the sets progress, the weights must be increased to produce resistance and eventually difficulty (muscle fatigue).

If you do not feel noticeably tired after the reps, you will need to increase the weights. Not being able to do at least 8 reps means you have to cut back. These parameters must, of course, be adjusted individually.

In addition to the above indications, there should be a 3-minute break between exercises during the first 2 to 3 weeks which is necessary to adapt the muscles to the effort and prepare the body in order to avoid overtraining.

The key is technology

As in any other sphere of life, in bodybuilding too, habits form quickly. Technical execution errors impede progress, slow results and lead to injury. However, forming good habits allows us to take advantage of the technique for more advanced stages of training.

Harmful increase in severity

Although it can be very tempting, at the initial stage, when the body begins to adapt to the work and the muscles are formed, in no case should you increase the intensity of training, use the help of a partner, remove weights during a set, combine sets, do high sets, and so on. The learning phase is the period when very strong stimuli cause rapid overtraining, thus inhibiting the gain of muscle mass.

Think to reach the goal

Strict adherence to the program, use of an appropriate diet to support training, supplementation and rest periods will lead to the desired goal. The effects of training appear very quickly and the endorphin stimulation cycle activates, leading each beginner to the expected successes.


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