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Training and supplements to increase muscle mass. what do you want to know?

 Training and supplements to increase muscle mass. what do you want to know?

For many people, building body mass is a very simple process: it is enough to increase the amount of food eaten and provide the body with enough extra calories and everything will go according to our thinking. In practice, the situation is completely different, because here an equally important role is played by training and nutritional supplements. What do you need to know so that the planned increase in body mass does not end in another failure?

Training and supplementation to gain muscle mass. A few words about exercises.

If it comes to effort, the best option would be HST - Joint Nutrition Training, which is commonly referred to as overtraining. The basic principle of this plan is the real effect on the increase in body mass, which is associated with an intensification of the hypertrophy process (that is, an increase in the size of muscle fibers). The effect of hypertrophic training

 is not only an increase in the volume of parts of the muscles taken in isolation, but also a real increase in the level of the overall strength of the person who exercises it. In order for HST exercises to achieve the desired results, several important rules must be followed:

  • application of the appropriate mechanical load for the individual,
  • strong stimulation of the muscles with an increase in the frequency of the training performed,
  • Systematic progression of the used pregnancy,
  • Respect the optimal pause between training sessions and maintain the correct efficiency of post-workout regeneration.

It is not hard to guess that HST training method is a real challenge for athletes and that it requires an adequate energy base in their daily diet. Are supplements necessary? What products and supplements are worth taking while building muscle mass?

Training and supplementation to gain muscle mass. Take the proven nutritional supplement!

There are many myths about training and supplementation related to increased body mass gain. A rational approach to the topic will help to avoid unpleasant mistakes. For this reason, before purchasing nutritional supplements, it is useful to know which of the products will be most important at the beginning of the adventure called "building muscle mass". What products would be useful to provide optimal support for the diet?

PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT - Complete proteins (of animal and vegetable origin) are an essential component of the growth and maintenance of existing muscle mass, as well as helping to maintain a healthy bone condition. In addition, the proteins should be tasty, well

 soluble and have a high content of amino acids. In this regard, we recommend 100% Whey Protein Complex (a blend of whey in WPC and WPI forms), while for vegetarians and vegans, a good solution would be a vegetable protein complex (pea, brown rice, pumpkin seed),

Weight Gainer Dietary Supplement - The Protein & Carbohydrate Complex makes it quick and easy to provide your body with the optimal amount of healthy calories, as well as the right portions of protein and carbohydrates. Many gainers, such as Gain Bolic 6000, contain various additives (in this case, for example creatine). Gainer is especially recommended for people with a fast metabolism or an excess of calories in their daily diet, which helps maintain a daily energy balance.

Creatine - one of the most popular and well-studied nutritional supplements used by athletes. There is a lot of scientific evidence that validates the use of creatine to increase physical performance and emphasize its valuable importance in the process of forming an athletic and muscular figure; Creatine Xplode is a unique blend of 6 different forms of creatine that, due to their different absorption rates and absorption kinetics, provide multidimensional support.

Vitamins and minerals - a complex of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 is often recommended for people working on muscle mass. These components influence, among other things, the correct concentration of testosterone in the blood, protein synthesis and cell division, they also regulate muscle function and affect the regulation of hormonal activity. The ZMA supplement is a combination of these ingredients in one product in optimal proportions.

Olimp Sport Nutrition brand supplements are a guarantee of safe use. These are products that have been prepared in the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories with special attention to every detail and thanks to the use of innovative technology, combined with

 microbiologically tested raw materials and modern research and development facilities, giving confirmation of a composition that complies with the label. Without impurities, without unnecessary additives, but with a real passion to help lovers of a healthy and sports lifestyle!


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