Training after a party - what consequences can it have? / TRAINING

 Training after a party - what consequences can it have? / TRAINING

It is said that work is the best cure for a hangover, but in the case of a heavily alcoholic evening, this method may not work. Is it a good idea to train after a party and after drinking a lot of alcohol? What consequences can this have?

## When is training with a hangover after a party contraindicated?

There comes a day when, despite our best intentions, the party takes over and we let ourselves go. This often results in heavy drinking, which in turn causes a hangover. The "strength" of the hangover can vary, but in most cases you will experience a headache, exhaustion, lack of energy, lack of taste, nausea, burning sensation in the stomach. stomach and hypersensitivity to certain stimuli (e.g. light, loud noises or strong smells).

This state makes it clear that working out after a party can have adverse health consequences and be downright dangerous. The persistence of symptoms proves that the body is still detoxifying the system after excessive alcohol consumption. In such a state, physical exertion is a heavy load on the internal organs, and the lack of concentration and the accompanying feeling of fatigue will not translate into results. So it's better to rest and come back to the training room fully regenerated.

## When is it okay to train with a hangover after a party?

The absence of the aforementioned inconveniences and a relatively good sense of well-being allow you to train after a party and provide your body with some exercise. However, it is worth choosing physical activity that will not be overloaded and exhausting - the body

 is tired from the party that lasted all night. The best solution is to enjoy nature and go for a short bike ride, walk or short run at a moderate pace. A suitable effort will facilitate the elimination of residual toxins and a faster cleansing of the body, which will help to restore the lost homeostasis.

## How to deal with a hangover when training after a party?

If you don't see an effective solution on the horizon but absolutely want to reduce your own hangover suffering, you can decide to support yourself with a product from **Olimp Labs**. **ReduKAC Shot** is a practical liquid-filled ampoule, which enriches the diet with a number of valuable ingredients reducing the feeling of hangover and helping to get back on your feet.

The formula is a thoughtful composition of carbohydrates (glucose and fructose), B vitamins, choline and green tea extract, which provides multi-dimensional support after alcohol consumption. The product will succeed in reducing the feeling of fatigue,

 maintaining normal psychological functions and proper functioning of the nervous system, preserving mental agility and supporting optimal liver function, among others. The supplement was created from raw materials that have undergone thorough microbiological analysis for purity - a guarantee of high quality and pharmaceutical standard.

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