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Top 10 exercises to do at home. Get to know them all!

 Top 10 exercises to do at home. Get to know them all!

Thanks to correctly selected exercises, you can take care of your body in any condition, and your figure will be distinguished by well-defined muscles. A properly prepared home

 exercise plan will help increase mobility, maintain proper range of motion in joints, stretch overly contracted spinal structures, and increase muscle strength and endurance. Here are the top 10 exercises to do at home that work for everyone!

Try the 10 best exercises you can do at home!

Home training should focus on complex exercises that activate and engage as many muscles as possible. This will allow the whole body to develop harmoniously, and no part of the body will be neglected. Before training at home, a thorough and effective warm-up should be carried out, which will allow you to properly prepare your joints and muscular system for several tens of minutes of physical activity.

Here is a list of the top 10 home exercises for women and men:

  • bridge
  • attachments
  • stomach muscles
  • Cracks / back cracks
  • Reverse push-up
  • Overhead pulls
  • Pregnant Pushup (Dips)
  • reclining pull
  • Classic high-leg push-ups

Raise the legs/knees toward the suspended object

Each exercise can be enriched with equipment - gymnastic stretches, dumbbells or TRX bands will allow us to diversify our training plan and will also provide additional resistance to the muscles, thereby more effective development of the form. The plan with the 10 best

 exercises to perform at home can be done in the form of a circuit (for example, according to time or number of repetitions) or perform individual exercises with a classic division into groups and at rehearsals.


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