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The Christmas Diet - Easy-to-digest meals for the Christmas Eve table

 The Christmas Diet - Easy-to-digest meals for the Christmas Eve table

Does the Christmas diet exist? With a few simple tricks, you can prepare delicious and easy-to-digest meals that will surely surprise your family at the Christmas Eve table! Here are some valuable tips to ensure that this year's Christmas Eve passes without overeating.

Easy-to-digest meals on the Christmas Eve table: fish

Carp is definitely one of the most important items on the Christmas Eve menu. Unfortunately, most Polish homes prefer the version of the rusked fish, which is finally fried in a deep frying pan. This type of cooking is not good for the digestive system - greasy and moist carp can cause a pronounced feeling of heaviness. It is also worth noting that the coating also counts an unnecessary extra amount of calories. Another way is to serve the fish in a "heavy" roux-based sauce.

Can carp be served on the Christmas Eve table as an easy-to-digest meal? there is no problem ! Instead of frying it, you can decide to use the oven - grilled fish is definitely a more stomach-friendly option. Another option is to use a steamer or simmer vegetable broth. On the other hand, indigestible sauces can be replaced with a simple dip based on yogurt, to which fresh vegetables and spices are added (especially dill, which has a valuable effect on the digestive system).

Easy-to-digest meals on the Christmas Eve table: soup

Red borsch is of course the highlight of the Christmas Eve table. Classic recipes recommend using sauerkraut and peas, which give it a distinctive flavor. Alternatively, you can use easy-to-digest alternatives in the form of boiled potatoes, fried noodles, and peas. As before, it is worth focusing on spices - dill, juniper or black pepper will not only give the soup a festive aroma, but also promote the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Easy-to-digest meals on the Christmas Eve table: mushrooms

A Christmas Eve table without mushrooms food could certainly be considered incomplete! Although it has long been known that mushrooms are an easily digestible component of the diet, they should not be completely excluded from the Christmas diet! First of all, it is worth determining its quantity, for example, in a particular dish - it is definitely enough to prepare

 a sauce with mushrooms. However, in other cases, you may decide to use other products. A good example is the popular cabbage and mushroom dumplings, which can be replaced, for example, with a filling made of buckwheat groats and potatoes or cheese and spinach.

Christmas diet and easy-to-digest meals compared to supplements

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