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The best vitamins and supplements for healthy hair - which ones are worth choosing?

 The best vitamins and supplements for healthy hair - which ones are worth choosing?

Good, shiny and strong hair is the pride of every woman. In addition to daily hair care with various cosmetics, you should pay attention to nutrition - the diet and the supplied vitamins play a very important role in maintaining healthy hair. What supplements will provide the best form of support? What to buy and what components should you pay special attention to?

What are the factors that contribute to the deterioration of hair?

Hair loss is one of the most common signs of our poor hair condition. Also, damaged and weak hair is rough to the touch. They often show a tendency to frizz and can make it difficult to shape your hairstyle. In some cases, defects appear, the best evidence of this is the lack of natural shine.


What could be the cause of hair deterioration? There are a number of risk factors that can one way or another lead to excessive hair loss and reduce its natural resistance:

  • insufficient hydration,
  • Excessive stress and sleep problems,
  • excessive exposure to sunlight,
  • some diseases of the scalp and accompanying inflammatory changes,
  • bad weather - gusty winds and high temperatures,
  • insufficient hair care and the use of poor-quality cosmetics,
  • Poor diet, which does not allow the intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

What vitamins and minerals in your diet are best for healthy hair?

The problem of weakening of the hair structure is often noticeable during weight loss. A low-calorie diet and insufficient intake of the right active ingredients significantly worsens the hairstyle. What items should be included in the daily menu for healthy hair? First, products rich in vitamins: A, E, riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (B3), biotin (B7). In

 addition, you must ensure the optimum amount of essential minerals such as zinc, silicon, magnesium and iron. In addition, some amino acids (such as cysteine) and herbal components (such as nettle or horsetail) have a valuable effect on the condition of the hair.

What are the best vitamins and supplements for healthy hair?

When your diet can't meet your daily needs for the most important vitamins and other ingredients, it's worth considering supplements. Multicomponent preparations will turn out to be the best solution, which makes it possible to have a full effect in the organism. The Olimp Labs brand offering includes Innovum silica Max . These are easy-to-swallow

 capsules, formulated with the highest quality ingredients, and have been microbiologically tested with the necessary procedures to ensure safety during use. All raw materials used in the product are free from impurities, and Olimp laboratories assure the high quality level of the manufacturer. The preparation is a complex blend of essential vitamins and minerals (in the form of easily absorbed Albion® amino acid chelates) and highly standardized plant extracts. Adequate capsule size is not an issue for supplementation.


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