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The best supplements to support your body during the hot season

 The best supplements to support your body during the hot season

Summer sun and high temperatures mean relaxation. However, extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc! So it is worth taking care of your health and your daily diet. What are the best nutritional supplements to support the body in the hot seasons?

Isotonic drink Olymp ISO Plus

Recreational exercisers and professional athletes need to ensure optimal hydration during training. During hot seasons, sweating increases unusually, which leads to a loss of water and valuable electrolytes. High temperatures can reduce muscle and nervous system efficiency, which requires a strong supply of energy in the form of vitamins, carbohydrates,

 and more. All of these ingredients are included in Iso Plus by Olimp Sport Nutrition. This unique isotonic drink will help you maintain your endurance during prolonged exercise, and will allow for increased water absorption. The vitamins they contain (such as vitamins B, C,

 D) in turn help reduce fatigue, ensure good muscle function and maintain optimal energy metabolism. The product is available in two forms: effervescent tablets and an easily dissolving powder, which makes it possible to prepare a refreshing drink in three flavors.

Fast Water Electrolytes

Not everyone wants to support their bodies with isotonic drinks during the hot seasons. Some people are more inclined to turn to supplements that contain only electrolytes with a small amount of glucose - this combination is primarily intended to add minerals lost with

 sweat. Olimp Labs offers Hydratonic Fast as a value product. The most important elements that enhance nerve transmission, regulate the proper functioning of the neuromuscular system and reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness, have been enriched with Vitamin C and an optimal amount of glucose. Effervescent tablets allow you to quickly prepare a drink with a refreshing orange flavor.

Healthy Tanning With Olymp Beta Solar

It is important to remember to protect your skin during the hot seasons! Intense sunlight can cause sunburn! In addition, intense exposure to sunlight exacerbates the oxidative stress of the skin. Therefore, the risk of premature aging and skin damage is high. This is why pharmaceutical company Olimp Labs created the special Olimp Beta Solar capsules. The multicomponent composition contains three complexes of components that complement each other, which allows:

  • Maintain normal skin pigmentation
  • To influence the correct synthesis of collagen
  • Support the proper functioning of the immune system
  • Protecting cells from oxygen free radicals and oxidative stress.

The product contains copper, hyaluronic acid, selenium, green tea extracts, vitamin C, zinc and many valuable antioxidants (such as astaxanthin, cysteine, lycopene and lutein). The practical capsule shape ensures quick and hassle-free use, even in hot weather while on vacations outside!


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