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The best food supplement to use in the summer

 The best food supplement to use in the summer

Each season has its own rules. Fall and winter are the time when we focus on strengthening the immune system, while spring increases allergy risks. What to consider during the summer? What are the best supplements to use in summer?

The best summer food supplement - take care of your skin!

Vacation time is great for sunbathing and staying by the water for hours. A large number of people want to give their skin a beautiful tan, which will help emphasize the beauty and qualities of the body. Unfortunately, this can result in your body getting burned from excess UV rays. Therefore, instead of a beautiful tan, ugly discoloration and even skin lesions may appear.


Beta-SOLAR® from Olimp Labs is one of the best summertime supplements. It's a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, high quality green tea extract and other beneficial active ingredients formulated in highly absorbable forms and in optimal

 amounts. The product is recommended for people who frequent tanning salons or who tan for extended periods of time and its ingredients can help protect cells from dangerous oxidative stress, fight free radicals and maintain good skin pigmentation.

Best Summer Supplements - Don't Forget To Moisturise!

The heat of the sky certainly contributes to the loss of large amounts of water through increased transpiration. Poor hydration can have very serious consequences: the body is less powerful, the level of psychophysical fatigue increases (lower endurance, decreased

 concentration), digestion difficulties appear. A low level of hydration can also worsen the appearance of the skin and even overheat. We must not forget that water is also one of the most important elements of the daily diet and that it allows, among other things, to control body weight and reduce appetite.

The pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories has created the unique Hydratonic® effervescent tablets, which allow you to prepare a delicious drink to quench intense thirst and enrich your daily diet with a complex of the most important electrolytes (such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium) to promote optimal functioning of the nervous

 system and proper muscle functioning. The formula of the product is supplemented with glucose and vitamin C, which provide additional support in the face of excessive fatigue. Iso Plus in the form of powder or effervescent tablets will be one of the best supplements for people who exercise in summer. In addition to the necessary electrolytes,


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