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The Anti-Aging Secret: Exercise and Antioxidants!

 The Anti-Aging Secret: Exercise and Antioxidants!

With its ability to boost immune defenses, exercise is good for health and helps fight free radicals responsible for premature aging of cells. To fill up on antioxidants, you should also eat well by controlling the amount of nutrients you take in at each meal.

Sports to maintain youth and fitness

Health benefits of exercise

Regular physical activity is important for combating physical ailments and for mental health. Sport has many advantages, especially for people who are already prone to certain chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or chronic lower back pain (back pain) ... Exercise also increases the level of "good cholesterol", improves blood circulation, and reduces blood flow. Thus, sugar levels reduce the risk of

 diabetes, strengthen the structure of the heart and bones, help fight excess weight responsible for many cardiovascular diseases, etc. Exercise also has an anti-cancer effect, particularly by lowering the level of estrogen in the bloodstream to combat cancers of the breast, lung or other respiratory organs.

Anti-aging sports practices

Physical exercise is essential for aging well, as it contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But you have to adapt this sport to the times. Endurance activity is suitable for everyone, provided the frequency, intensity, and duration are properly measured. It is recommended to do some sports -

 walking, among other things - for 30 minutes a day. For people over 65 years of age, it is recommended to get at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. Other activities such as cycling, housework, gardening, and gymnastics can complement the endurance activity.

Natural antioxidants to fight aging

Antioxidants include all vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10 and selenium, which are found in sufficient quantities in food. These nutrients allow, among other things, to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Even if nutrients are present in sufficient quantities in the diet, it is not always easy to

 measure daily intake accurately. This is why antioxidant supplements are recommended. Anti-aging nutritional supplements or cosmetics can help enhance nutritional support against aging. Treatment with nutritional supplements also limits the effects of environmental aggressions, which are also responsible for aging: pollution, sun, humidity, cold, etc.

Recommended supplements are:

Vitamin C, zinc, copper and selenium that help fight the spread of free radicals.

Vitamin A, which prevents the risk of cancer.

- Vitamin E that prevents the harmful effect of free radicals and fights the oxidation of cell membranes and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Copper contributes to the proper growth of bones and iron absorption.

Flavonoids improve the condition of the retina and brain. They reduce the risk of metabolic syndromes - weight gain and diabetes - cancer and heart disease.

Food rich in antioxidants

Correct your diet by preferring natural sources of antioxidants such as cloves, cocoa, thyme, walnuts, hazelnuts, ginger, almonds, strawberries, apples, goji berries, green tea, etc. Eat fruits rich in vitamin C every day: kiwi, orange, grapefruit, mango, strawberry, citrus fruits, etc.

Include in every recipe at least one of the antioxidants for cell regeneration: wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, grape or corn seed oil, almonds, etc. Choose more foods that are sources of vitamin A: liver, bluefin tuna, butter, and dairy products. Consume selenium regularly through garlic, leeks, whole grains, legumes, seafood, fish, mushrooms, etc.


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