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The 10 most common mistakes when working out in the gym - find out what to avoid!

 The 10 most common mistakes when working out in the gym - find out what to avoid!

Certainly, physical activity and exercise are good for your health. However, it is worth knowing what to pay attention to so as not to waste time and energy spent. Find out what to avoid and the 10 most common mistakes when working out in the gym!

Not having a good warm up

Before you begin the actual exercise, it is worth dedicating at least 10 minutes to some dynamic exercises that will help prepare your muscles, joints and nervous system for after work. Many people skip this essential ingredient, increasing the risk of serious injury and trauma.

Inappropriate training intensity

One of the most common mistakes in gym exercises is performing too many repetitions and sets. Muscles get excessively tired and work ineffectively, which in no way translates into progress in results.


This is an aspect that should be avoided, like the excessive intensity mentioned earlier. High weight often degrades the style of the exercises being performed, making gym training dangerous for muscles and joints. Not to mention working an imperfect range of motion or compensating with other muscle groups.

Too much exercise and no rest days

It has long been known that the best is the enemy of the good and this is fully reflected in the case of training in the gym. Instead of six training units per week, three would be much better, allowing the body to fully regenerate. Breaks are also important between sets of exercises.

Improper workout clothes

When you decide to train in the gym, it is useful to choose professional sports clothing that does not limit your movements, provides good ventilation for your skin and protects it from excessive sweating. Olimp Live and Fight Training Clothes prove to be the best choice, because they are made with true professionals and sports enthusiasts in mind.


Repetition and "routine" for training are the key to success. That's why it's important to make sure you allocate enough time each week to do your training in the gym and provide your muscles with the necessary stimuli for their development. Otherwise, the results are difficult to predict.

No workout plan or goal

In theory, every form of physical activity has a value for health. In practice, the lack of a well-designed plan and a consistent training goal will prevent the achievement of the desired result, such as getting rid of excess weight or developing an athletic body.

Incorrect exercise method

Working with an incomplete range of motion, at a too fast pace, the wrong starting position or choosing the wrong exercises - these are just some of the most common mistakes when training in the gym, which are related to the technical aspects of physical activity. Rushing for strength exercises is not recommended. It is worth focusing on the correct implementation of the exercises.

Insufficient diet

A calorie intake that is too high or too low is a serious obstacle to achieving the desired goal. Additionally, a diet plan based on processed foods that does not provide adequate amounts of both micro and macro nutrients will leave your body without the strength to perform at high levels.

Insufficient self-discipline

Training in the gym, just like other forms of physical activity, requires proper design. Therefore it is worth persevering with your decisions and striving to achieve the set goal, because only in this way one can succeed in obtaining an athletic body, good shape, good health.


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