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Tabata exercises - what results to expect?

 Tabata exercises - what results to expect?

Lack of free time is one of the most common excuses for not being physically active in daily life. Tabata Workout is the perfect solution for busy people! What effects can be expected from regular physical exercise? What should you know about this unique exercise regimen?

What is Tabata exercise?

This is a type of high-intensity interval training that was developed over 30 years ago by Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata. It is characterized, first of all, by the very strong participation of the trainer in a short time - one exercise session takes only 4 minutes! The key is the time of one string, which according to the author should only be 30 seconds:

20 seconds of intense work with maximum number of repetitions

Rest 10 seconds between sets or exercises

Tabata does not require the said 4 minutes of exercise. The most suggested solution is to create a plan consisting of 8 different activities, which must be carried out in 2 series. Thanks to this, there is no doubt about boredom and the exercise will allow the whole body to participate in the exercise.

What are the expected results of the Tabata exercise?

Just like a traditional HIIT workout, Tabata will have a real impact on increasing your metabolic rate. However, the biggest advantage of this training method is the powerful effect on improving aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Thanks to this, the body experiences a massive increase in endurance, which allows a person who trains to adapt very well to the increased level of fatigue.

An equally important effect of Tabata exercise is to burn body fat very efficiently. The high level of intensity during a 4-minute workout session allows the body to maintain a strong metabolic boost for the next 48 hours. This, in turn, leads to more effective weight loss, as well as easier control of the correct weight and slim body shaping.

Is Tabata exercise suitable for everyone?

The high intensity of the workouts performed during the Tabata workout can be a hindrance for people with reduced ability to perform. Also, people with hypertension and other heart and respiratory diseases should abandon this training regimen. Of course, we should not forget that all kinds of active injuries and infections are also a contraindication to this type of HIIT training.

Tabata training exercises - what to choose?

In most cases, the Tabata workout is a plan based on exercises that are done without equipment. The body weight itself provides an adequate load at this high level of intensity. This allows coaches to focus as much as possible and easily maintain correct technique. The exercises should be tailored to your specific needs, and sample exercises may include:

  • pumps
  • Information sessions
  • jumps
  • cracks
  • squat
  • boxing


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