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Supplements support regeneration. Which of them deserves attention?

 Supplements support regeneration. Which of them deserves attention?

According to most people, the primary source of effects on the body is well-conditioned exercise and a well-formed diet with an optimal amount of essential nutrients. From a practical point of view, an equally important element is the moment of renewal, which is constantly neglected and is the reason for the inefficiency of work on its form. Are there any supplements that support this important process? What products are worth taking?

Nutritional supplement that supports regeneration - amino acids

Dozens if not hundreds of people around the world are very keen on using amino acid supplements. Products that supplement a daily diet with EAA or BCAA complexes are a very popular choice for professional and amateur athletes who want to support regeneration after exercise. No wonder - amino acids, as the building blocks of protein, can be invaluable

 in reducing muscle tissue breakdown reactions from intense workouts. In addition, amino acids also have a positive effect on the correct nitrogen balance of the system. So they can be a valuable support in transporting this component in the body, ensuring that the muscles reach the optimum amount of nitrogen.

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers a range of products containing amino acids, which are available in different forms and formulations. Those who prefer powder can get their hands on the popular BCAA Xplode powder or Amino EAA Xplode complex, which makes

 refreshing drinks rich in essential amino acids. Those looking for other solutions can opt for available products such as Amino Anabolic 5500 Mega Caps or BCAA 1100 Mega Caps. For those who like products in tablet form, the company has prepared the supplement Anabolic Amino 9000 Mega Tabs. Each product complements the daily diet with concentrated forms of the most important amino acids,

Regenerative Supplement - Ashwagandha

The renewal process should not be limited to the physical sphere. Oftentimes, mental exhaustion, bad moods or excessive stress can deplete the last of your energy reserves and lead to the end of possibilities. Hence it is difficult to talk about progress or effective work to obtain better effects. An effective psychosomatic supplement that has been shown to be

 an extract of Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera), a valuable source of withanolides. These are the active ingredients that can have a positive effect on the immune system while increasing fatigue levels and promoting, for example, well-being or eliminating signs of permanent stress.

The ashwagandha extract included in the Ashwagandha 600 Sport product from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand is standardized at 5% withanolide content. The patented KSM-66 extract used in the product is of the highest quality. The product contains the perfect dose of essence from Withania somnifera root, which has been adapted for lovers of grueling high intensity workouts.

Nutritional supplement supporting regeneration - vitamins and minerals

Among the huge amounts of vitamins and minerals necessary for a daily diet, there are active ingredients that really contribute to reducing the feeling of tiredness and fatigue (such as vitamin B6 and magnesium). Ingredients such as zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin B or vitamin C are important for maintaining proper energy metabolism and supporting the

 proper functioning of the nervous system. Some of them can also be useful in maintaining proper psychological functions and supporting the functioning of the immune system - so it is hard to deny that vitamin and mineral complexes are valuable supplements that support regeneration at a high intensity level.

Vita-Min Multi Sport is a flagship product of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand. It is one of the most popular vitamin-mineral complexes among athletes, the main advantages of which are its rich composition (additionally enriched with plant extracts!), the content of certain optimally selected components, and the unique form of amino acid chelates in the raw. The substances used (which ensure a better level of absorption of popular oxides). The product is available in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules, which allow supplementation in almost any condition.


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