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Strengthen your legs and remove cellulite

 Strengthen your legs and remove cellulite

Cellulite can be easily identified by the appearance of dimples due to the accumulation of fat, water and toxins under and around the skin and in the muscles. Fat is especially included in the legs. To displace it and strengthen the leg muscles at the same time, targeted muscle strengthening along with endurance sports is essential.

Build muscle for firming and sculpting

Muscle strengthening consists of repetitive movements that use specific muscles, in this case the muscles of the legs, to fight cellulite. This discipline aims to strengthen the muscles, but also to sculpt them and at the same time reduce the orange peel. To achieve this result, two exercises should be preferred: squats and front lunges.


These exercises are easy to perform. It is performed standing, feet slightly apart, shoulder width apart. Then bend your knees, as if you were sitting, taking care to get as low as possible, while resting on your heels. Then get up. Your back should always be straight. To work the buttocks parallel to the legs, instead of keeping the leg bent, extend it to the side up. Ideally, it is advisable to perform 3 sets of 15 squats, separated by an interval of 20 seconds.

front lunges

Anterior incisions work on cellulite in the legs and shape it at the same time. It engages the muscles of the back and front of the thighs, as well as the muscles of the large buttocks. Like squats, lunges are done standing with your legs spread apart. The spacing should not exceed the width of the pelvis. Hands on the waist, bring one leg forward. Bend your legs vertically until you get a right angle between the thigh and the front knee. The latter should not go beyond the tip of the foot. Return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 10 lunges for best results.

Extra endurance sports

Building muscle is not enough to tighten legs and reduce cellulite. It is necessary to combine these exercises with endurance exercise. These activities engage the lower extremities and stimulate the venous pump. Thus, the optimal venous return makes it possible to drain the excess water in the legs, which is partly responsible for cellulite.

Jogging or at least a brisk walk is ideally indicated in addition to squats and lunges to strengthen the legs. Whether exercised outdoors, indoors, or in the water, cycling is also an excellent alternative to normalizing venous return. This activity mainly targets the buttocks and thighs, which are the areas most affected by cellulite. In addition to working the legs, swimming massages and promotes tissue drainage through water pressure. Use fins for best results.

Whatever endurance sport you choose, plan 2 or 3 weekly sessions of about 40 minutes.


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