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Strength training for women - know the basics

 Strength training for women - know the basics

Thinking of implementing a long-awaited plan and starting regular exercise? Instead of considering form selection, decide on strength training. A skillfully modified plan and proper diet can be a beneficial remedy for a woman against the previous lack of efficacy in the area of ​​figure-forming.

What are the benefits of strength training for women?

You don't have to be a professional athlete to know that regular physical activity is a source of many health benefits. Regular physical exertion, performed according to the principles of the correct exercise technique and at an optimally adjusted intensity, will enhance the daily

 functioning of the organism. Movement supports the work of metabolism, which stimulates a certain number of favorable processes, for example, for the purification of the organism and the neutralization of accumulated compounds, which can become useless, and even unfavorable for the overall metabolism.

Strength training, also known as resistance training, consists of performing exercises with an additional load, which, combined with a well-adapted diet, can contribute significantly to the formation of muscular shape. For women, it is an ideal solution to expose desired muscle parts (especially legs, buttocks or waist), as well as to get rid of stubbornly accumulated fatty tissue (like problematic love handles). Other benefits of resistance training include:

  • increase in body immunity,
  • improvement in condition, for example by slow feeling of tiredness,
  • beneficial effect on hormonal balance,
  • correct control of body weight,
  • improve mood and sleep quality,
  • Reducing the signs of chronic stress.

Strength training for women? - The biggest legends

For most women, the term strength training can make your heart race, and the personal view of "bodybuilding" can seem daunting. Over the years, some myths are repeated, and they can prevent women from starting resistance training.

Strength training is not for women

Every gender can benefit from performing exercises while pregnant. The main thing is correctly planned training and the selection of appropriate activities. The intensity of the individually adjusted plan will ensure the desired results. Let's not forget the correct method!

Strength training can hurt women

Introducing organized physical activity will counteract movement limitations, stretch contracted structures and even eliminate some of the painful inconveniences that a poor amount of movement can cause.

Strength training for women does not burn fat tissue

This is one of the worst legends! Performing exercises with loads gives effective results in reducing fatty tissue such as intense cardio exercises. It is worth remembering that during strength training, we are also building muscle mass.

What are home exercises for strength training for women?

For some women, strength training at home is the only option for physical activity. Too much chores, childcare or just shyness may be the reasons, but who says it should have a huge impact on the results. silly ! With strong self-sacrifice and beautiful design, we can design a very beautiful silhouette without having to go to the gym or fitness club.

Especially since the exercises can be done without any hindrances at home. Even more dumbbells or dumbbells can be replaced with other equipment such as water bottles or gymnastics bands. In the training plan, it is necessary to include such exercises as:

  • Lifting the hips in the posterior recumbent position / small bridges,
  • different forms of squatting,
  • different types of pumps,
  • pull on the bar,
  • Reverse payments
  • rowing in the lower position,
  • pressed them above the head,
  • (half) scissors,
  • Classic plank and on the side.

Is it worth using supplements during strength training exercises for women?

An increase in the level of physical activity is associated with the demand for an increased supply of the organism with the necessary macro and microelements. It is therefore worth considering the option of supplementation, which can be useful in the case of strength

 exercises for women, for example in the context of maintaining the proper functioning of the immune system, muscle work, reducing the feeling of tiredness and fatigue or maintaining the functioning of the nervous system.

Vita-Min Multi Sport supplement are capsules that enrich the daily diet with a complex of essential vitamins and minerals in the form of Albion® amino acid chelates, which are enriched with additional plant extracts. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand product will be ideal for active women who exercise regularly - as well as for fans of strength training. Its

 practical form and optimal quantities of each component mean that the product, developed by a pharmaceutical company, allows for multi-dimensional support and ensures high safety in use.


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