Strength exercises. strength training program

 Strength exercises. strength training program

You need to build strength to prepare your muscles to handle increased loads while building muscle mass. For best results, it is best to divide the training year into individual courses.

The most common mistake, especially among athletes who have trained for a short time, is that they consider the development of muscle mass as the main goal of training.

Unfortunately, after a while the muscles get used to the same stimuli and stagnation occurs. Muscles lose strength or cannot strengthen them. Increased loads that stimulate muscle growth cannot be used.


They also lose endurance, which means you can do fewer reps with the same load. This is a significant obstacle to increasing the intensity of training.


1. We start training for strength

Strength training should be based on a relatively low number of repetitions - the 2-8 range.


We mainly do basic exercises, in which we can use many muscle groups. The best are squats, push-ups, and deadlifts.


For the exercise, we use mainly free weights, thanks to which we also develop stabilizer muscles, which will subsequently allow us to use heavier weights when training to increase mass.


In this type of training, we often use machines, using them we do not develop much stabilization muscles. If we skip this course, we can lose that power!


2. How do you train for strength?

In bodybuilding, you are not training to drop muscles. In this session, we adapt our muscles to the increased heavy loads. So we leave at least one iteration in each string.

This will allow the muscles to regenerate faster, so we can shorten the rest time between the same workouts. While group training often trains a muscle group once a week, here you can train it up to twice a week.


You should try to lift more and more weight, if possible, even from training to training. However, you must remember the inventory of duplicates in each set. It is best to set up a training diary and carefully record all your exercises and note the weights used and the stock with which they were used. This will allow a more accurate weight selection for the next exercise, and thus to check progress or make appropriate adjustments.


The intervals between sets can be up to 4 minutes.


It is better if the entire course lasts from 8 to 12 weeks.


3. Warm up

Before each exercise, you should do two sets of warm-ups:


When the target weight is 100 kg and we need to do 6 reps, we do the first set of warm-up with 40 kg and 6 repetitions. The second 60 kg and 6 repetitions. The third with a weight of 80 kg and 6 repetitions.


After this chain - rest, after which we go to the main chain. In this way, we will gradually prepare the muscles, joints, ligaments and blood shed to withstand increasingly increased loads, thereby reducing the risk of bruising.


4. Strength training program

Here is a suggested workout plan and exercises to improve strength in bodybuilding training.


I am today



1. Barbell pull-ups - 3 sets, 6 repetitions,

2. Lifting dumbbells in the bent position - 3 sets, 6 repetitions,

3. Lifting pulley (pull-down pulley for those who, for various reasons, are unable to

for rise) - 3 sets, 6 repetitions,

4. deadlift - 3 sets, 2 reps,



1. Barbell press on a horizontal bench - 3 sets, 2 repetitions,

2. Barbell press on an incline bench - 3 sets, 6 repetitions,

3. Handrail push-up - 3 sets, 6 repetitions.


the second day



1. Barbell press from the chest, in a standing position - 3 sets, 6 repetitions,

2. Dumbbell press, standing - 3 sets, 6 repetitions,

3. Barbell pulls with a wide recumbent grip, along the chest - 3 sets, 6 repetitions,

4. Lifting the shoulders with dumbbells - 3 sets, 6 repetitions.



1. Forearm curls with a barbell, standing - 3 sets, 6 repetitions.


1. Press the bar with a firm fist, on a horizontal bench - 3 sets, 6 repetitions.


the third day



1. Dumbbell squat - 4 sets, 6 repetitions,

2. Penetration machine squats - 4 sets, 6 reps,

3. Deadlift on straight legs - 4 sets, 6 repetitions.

It is essential that you train on the best 6 days in a row.

If we cannot proceed with the renewal, then 3 days of training and 1 day of rest.

For those recovering with greater difficulty, I recommend the regimen: two days of training and one day of rest.



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