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Stevia - its properties and use in the daily diet

 Stevia - its properties and use in the daily diet

Stevia - many people have heard about it, but not everyone knows about its properties and use. Below is a description of stevia and when it is useful to use it.

Stevia and its valuable properties

The term stevia is used to describe a plant of the aster family, which is naturally found in Central and South America. They are also called candy leaves, which are directly related to their properties. The plant is a rich source of steviol glycosides (mainly found in its stems

 and leaves), which have a high level of sweetness! The sweetness obtained from a teaspoon of stevia leaf powder is comparable to a full cup of white table sugar (which experts say is about 300 times sweeter). It is not hard to guess that a small amount is enough to taste the desired and incredibly sweet meal.

Another equally important property of this sweetener is that it contains no calories! In addition, the glycosides contained in the plant are not subject to digestion processes, which prevents the accumulation of stevia in the body or its deposition as unwanted fatty tissue. In addition, stevia is an ideal alternative to unhealthy sucrose in the kitchen. Especially it has a high resistance to high temperatures.

What are the uses of stevia?

It is easy to guess that the main use of stevia would be to sweeten many products and dishes. Its high sweetness, low calorie content, and no overt effect on sugar fluctuations (ie glucose and insulin levels) make candy leaves a very useful, sucrose, and very popular alternative that promotes obesity. Due to its low glycemic index, stevia can also be used as a substitute for honey, for example for people at risk of developing postprandial hyperglycemia.


In what cases can stevia be used?

  • For tea, coffee, or other beverages (including homemade smoothies!)
  • For cakes, baked goods and various types of sweets
  • Preserved as jam or marmalade

The valuable properties of stevia have been used in the Veggie Protein Complex from Olimp Sport Nutrition. It is a product in powder form, which complements the daily diet with whole plant proteins (pea, brown rice and pumpkin seeds) and promotes the growth and

 maintenance of muscle mass. The manufacturer decided to add the sweetener to reduce the calorific value of the dietary supplement, to emphasize its taste and, above all, to provide only vegetarian and healthy ingredients! The supplement was created for vegetarians and vegans, as well as anyone who wants to maintain a varied diet.


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