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Stay fit during your relaxing holiday with our tips!

 Stay fit during your relaxing holiday with our tips!

For anyone who trains regularly and sees the results of their efforts, vacations can sometimes be viewed as an obstacle: the relaxation that vacations can provide, under the coconut trees or on the beach, the motivation to go to the gym is scarce — if you have a gym on

 hand - And the chances of eating a cheat meal are many! So it's not always easy to stay fit and maintain your exercise routine while on vacation.

Before you let a bad conscience confuse you, take a moment to think about what relaxation means to you. One thing is clear: it is important to find a balance between exercise and relaxation.

Are you one of those people who find it difficult to leave everyday life behind when traveling? Analyze what stresses you and leave it behind.

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Vacation Relaxation: What Kind of Relaxation Is Right For You?

Share good times with friends all evening, wake up after a good night's sleep without having to program the alarm clock, then take a short meditation and eat a hearty breakfast. What inspires serenity?

Here are 4 different ways to relax to get more serenity when you are on vacation. Find out which ones inspire you the most relaxation.

#1 Relax through rest and wellness

Do you like silence, contemplation and the elegant end of the evening in the sauna? So perhaps among the relaxing sports, yoga is just what you need to keep fit. Relaxing swimming in the sea and relaxing walks also contribute to relaxation.

Especially when you need to decompress, it can be a good idea to cut short the exercises you usually do and do what makes you feel good. If you want to exercise while on vacation, enjoy the following: yoga, pilates, dance, swimming... Lots of sports are waiting for you!

#2 Relax through exercise and movement

Are you already bored at the idea of ​​spending an entire day on a deck chair? If doing nothing is absolutely not your thing and you prefer hiking, biking, or stand-up paddleboarding, then these are active days for you.

Even if your regular workouts are cancelled, all the movements you make throughout the day are well compensated, so your strength and stamina will return quickly.

#3 Relax through socialization and inspiration

Long evenings with friends to get rid of all the stress of the day and take part in social events... What would a nice getaway look like to you? To please the body as well as the mind, beautify your daily life with beautiful cultural finds, then polish it up with a good gym session to clear away. The correct pace for self-care is three exercises per week.

#4 Relax through nature and distance

Nature walks and digital detox make you feel good: hiking and outdoor sports like rock climbing or mountain biking will keep you fit. If you're used to working on building muscle at the gym, get the gym outside. Challenge exercises performed in different positions of body weight or with resistance bands add variety to strength training.

Take care of yourself with a little exercise when you're on vacation

During your summer vacation days, you might imagine the dream scenario of waking up after a good night's sleep and, after a short meditation, helping yourself to the breakfast buffet, booking a good

 table for lunch, then dinner with appetizers, main course and dessert before evening cocktails. We understand you. But trust us: you really need a little exercise to stay fit in the summer. And this, even if it feels like a chore at first: sports - or just some movement - contributes greatly to relaxation and relaxation.

Sport promotes relaxation because it allows...

Reducing stress hormones

Secretion of happiness hormones as soon as work is done

Better body feel and greater well-being

Feeling rewarded

What is recovery?

Especially in an athletic context, recovery - a form of relaxation - does not mean doing nothing. Recovery is always defined in relation to the effort you have to recover from. Someone who works as a project manager in a full-time office may need a different kind of recovery than someone with a job that puts more stress on their body and muscles.


A process whose duration and design depends on the effort

It is determined by reducing or varying the voltage

Defined by what you consider an effort

positive or negative

This type of relaxation can be good for the body but also for the mind. Thus, one can recover physically, but also mentally. If the body benefits from a balanced diet, restful sleep, etc., the mind needs

 a break from the many challenges of daily life. If you have a bad conscience because you are not moving enough while on vacation, it will not invite you to take advantage of this relaxation.

Did you know? It takes about 2-3 weeks for all stress hormones to decrease. So try to take this long vacation at least once a year.

5 points of view that should be considered less bad and balanced

A little change of perspective will make it easier to find the balance between leisure and sports this summer.

#1 See change as an opportunity

The trip is the perfect opportunity to indulge in new sports: mountain biking, rock climbing, diving, bungee jumping, or try a new fitness class at the hotel. It doesn't matter what you do: new movements keep you fit, and any form of variety improves muscle coordination and makes your movements more efficient and smooth.

#2 Be careful: Your nervous system deserves a good dose of rest

Taking time off is just a relief. Taking a break from work, the body recovers twice as fast. If you play sports on vacation, the motto should be: "Fun first"! If a sport that works your muscles seems boring, it is best to leave it aside for a while. You will find a type of exercise that you like and that challenges your muscles.

#3 Ask yourself: What is fun?

Partying and overeating or being active and meditating quietly? Between these two opposites, there is a golden mean consisting of several degrees. The point is, the healthier you eat and the better you

 sleep, the better your body will recover. And let's face it: Who enjoys remembering bouts of junk food, feeling full to bursting, and waking up in their hotel room? On the contrary, make practicing different sports a great memory.

#4 Celebrate your freedom

On vacation do whatever you like! If you're usually an athlete, you probably have a good feeling about your body. Use it and consider traveling as a perfect opportunity to try new things. If your body tells you it just wants to lie in the sun, listen to your needs. And you do not know the best? You don't need a notebook or calendar.

#5 Don't take yourself too seriously

What are your priorities? After two or three weeks of rest, your muscles and stamina usually need the same amount of time to resurface, even if you leave yourself on vacation. The key is to remain firm and kind to yourself.

Relaxation and sports: 6 tips to stay in shape and relax while traveling

In this other article, we give you 8 tips to help you stay fit while on vacation. The following selection is meant to be a source of inspiration if your main concern is to combine relaxation and sport.

#1 Fun First

The great thing about not working is that you just have to follow your own rules. Don't include anything unpleasant in your schedule. Do sports and exercises that you really want to do. Although forced relaxation is not a solution either. Do you like weight training? Find a hotel with a gym where you can train as you see fit.

#2 Find accommodation that suits you

Think about this when taking your ticket, no matter the destination. Think about what you want to do on your vacation. Are you the active type? So plan a vacation that offers many activities or a sports vacation. The most beautiful place in the world won't get you much if you can't do anything that meets your expectations.

#3 Train in small doses

HIIT exercises are great if you like to sweat but don't spend a lot of time working out. With our workouts that take less than 30 minutes, there's something for everyone! You may also like Tabata.

#4 Work out in the morning

Practice in the morning. Your breakfast will be twice as delicious, you won't have to think about it anymore and you won't miss your training. It's more fun in a beautiful setting: the beach is still empty of people in the morning. This gives you the opportunity to explore your accommodation undisturbed and discover it in its most beautiful light.

#5 Count every move

Nice swimming in the sea, walking in the city or riding a bike. The only way to experience a new country is to move around. Every movement counts. Compare your usual day off with your usual work day. If you move on vacation more than your daily routine, you can reduce the number of workouts per week.

#6 Eat healthy

Your diet has a huge impact on how you feel. Most of the time, local cuisine also offers healthy options. Make sure every meal contains vegetables and meets your protein needs. Find the right balance: let yourself go, but don't throw all your principles out the window.


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