Stationary bike training. Learn its rules!

 Stationary bike training. Learn its rules!

Can training at home on a stationary bike really help? It turns out that a well-planned bike ride not only makes a good impression, but also helps you make a real improvement in your condition and current state of health.

The most important principles of stationary bike training

Indoor cycling and spinning both aim for the same thing: cover the correct distance while working out on a stationary bike. We can decide for ourselves the purpose of our trip.

 Nowadays, training devices allow us to use different working modes and special stimulation programs, which saves us from complaining about boredom. We can counteract intermittent training, try our hand at driving uphill, cover long distances on flat ground or train at full speed. What we want to achieve is up to us.

Specialists assure that an effective exercise on a stationary bike should take about 40-60 minutes. We must adapt the speed to our own abilities and our present conditions, so that training is a kind of entertainment and pleasure. Trainers repeatedly point out that good

 results are achieved by alternately changing the pace, divided into blocks, for example 10 minutes / 5 minutes of fast flat running and 5 minutes of slowly uphill. During training, we must remember about hydration - an isotonic Iso Plus Powder drink will become a good

 choice, which allows in each serving to provide an optimal amount of carbohydrates, as well as a complex of vitamins and essential electrolytes. The Olimp Sport Nutrition will effectively quench your thirst and also allow you to maintain your stamina while increasing your riding fatigue.

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