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Spring changes - how do you not catch a cold in the spring?

 Spring changes - how do you not catch a cold in the spring?

The end of winter heralds the awakening of nature. More and more people are getting ready to spend time outdoors and enjoy slightly better weather. Outdoor training sessions are proof of that. However, it is important not to forget about health, especially when weather conditions change frequently. How to avoid catching a cold in the spring? Are there effective ways to stay healthy?

How to avoid catching a cold in the spring: the right clothes

When deciding to train outside the home, it is essential to check the weather forecast. Temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, probability of precipitation - changes in spring tend to have incredibly cold weather outside the window, although the sun is shining beautifully. Outdoor physical activity requires protecting your body from excessive heat loss - so it's all too easy to catch a cold in the spring and end up in bed for a long time.


 The Olympus Live and Fight Training Clothing is designed for all those with active lifestyles who prioritize comfort during their workout. The clothes are made using high-quality smart materials that allow you to:

  • No sweat accumulation
  • Reduce water storage
  • An appropriate level of flexibility
  • Real comfort while wearing it
  • High resistance to damage
  • Effective skin breathing and easy heat exchange
  • No risk of skin irritation, allergy or abrasion
  • * The clothes are made in Poland.

How not to catch a cold in the spring: complete supplements

A healthy, varied diet helps maintain optimal health. Popular food products contain many valuable active ingredients that have an exceptionally beneficial effect on immune function.

 They include zinc, vitamins D and C, L-glutamine, L-cysteine, and quercetin, among others. Although all of these substances can be provided through the nutritional components of a nutritional plan, the problem of bioavailability remains unresolved. It should be noted that only part of the declared content (eg vitamins and minerals) is absorbed.

The experts at Olimp Sport Nutrition decided to solve this problem and prepared the multi-ingredient dietary supplement Olimp Immuno Xplode Powder. This is a product in the form of an easily soluble powder, which allows you to prepare a fruit drink rich in zinc, vitamins and amino acids mentioned above. The formula of the supplement is additionally enriched with plant extracts (Japanese pagoda, elderberry). The product is recommended for recreational athletes, professional athletes and people who follow a healthy diet.

The supplement is manufactured to high standards provided by the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories. Raw materials tested for their microbiological purity, modern production technology and optimally selected proportions of individual components are an essential guarantee of safety.


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