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Sports and diabetes - can a diabetic patient exercise?

 Sports and diabetes - can a diabetic patient exercise?

Diabetics are definitely people who should make sure they have a safe and varied diet. Can a person with diabetes exercise? Does exercise play an important role in diabetes as part of treatment?

Why is exercise in diabetes valuable for the patient?

Systematic training is certainly an important part of treating diabetics. Physical activity is a very effective way to keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent excessive and uncontrolled insulin secretion. It is recommended to exercise in diabetes, among other things, to reduce the use of drugs, which are supposed to bring the sugar level to a normal level.


It should also be noted that playing sports makes it possible to maintain the optimal value of a certain number of factors that are usually disturbed in diabetes. Among them, it is worth noting

  • body weight
  • cholesterol level
  • blood pressure
  • adipose tissue level

Can a person with diabetes exercise?

A person with diabetes can exercise. It can be said that physical activity is recommended in diabetes and is an important part of treatment as is a balanced diet. However, it must be borne in mind that sports are not recommended in all cases. First of all, we are talking about diabetics who have problems with being overweight or obese. These are important

 symptoms of type 2 diabetes and in their case there is a high probability that a high level of severity will lead, among other things, to the development of degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system or an excessive increase in blood pressure and overload. Blood circulation.

What sports can a person with diabetes practice in order not to expose his health to unnecessary risks? Nutritionists recommend tolerating physical activity. Examples include Nordic walking, yoga, swimming, cycling, snowboarding, or hiking.

Sports in diabetes and nutritional supplements - what are the best options?

First of all, substances that have a beneficial effect in maintaining the correct metabolism of macronutrients and maintaining blood sugar levels will prove to be a valuable solution. You should also make sure to include substances in the daily diet that help normalize cholesterol levels - supplements containing zinc, chromium and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) are a good option in this regard.

It is not uncommon for diabetics to crave sweets, which are not recommended due to the high level of processing and high sugar content. However, supplement manufacturers recommend zero-calorie sweet sauces. Products in this category contain low-calorie sweeteners with a glycemic index (GI), as well as valuable dietary fiber. So diabetics have an alternative to their favorite sweets and snacks.


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