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Sports Advent Calendar: Let's Go Adventure!

 Sports Advent Calendar: Let's Go Adventure!

Sports Advent Calendar: Let's Go Adventure!

With the festive season craze, can you hardly find time to exercise? We know this situation all too well! If you feel the need to slow down a bit, that's okay. But your excuse shouldn't be lack of time. Because when we want, we can! Santa Claus from Foodspring got your message and prepared a special winter training program that will help you keep fit

 effortlessly throughout the month of December. This athletic advent calendar will keep your hard-earned muscles from melting like snow in the sun. Expect short training sessions as well as daily mini activities that fit perfectly into any busy schedule and bring a breath of fresh air into your everyday life.

Your Unique Winter Training Program: Every Move Matters

What is associated with the advent period and the end of the year? Perhaps for impatience, joy, delicious meals and reunion with loved ones, but also for stress and lack of time. There are people who do not immediately think about doing sports. But even during this hectic time, it can be helpful to have an active lifestyle. Because it's all about finding the balance

 that works for you, fighting the stress of the holiday and indulging your body in a little sweetness. Our ginger and apple spread instantly puts you in the holiday spirit and also contains 85% less sugar than traditional fat. We love a healthy protein breakfast during the holidays!

Even if the stress of the holiday season doesn't make you the best time to train, there's still a way to stay active without spending New Year's Eve there. In addition, moving into the new year may make you determined to exercise more. And believe us, it will be much easier for you to achieve this if in December you begin to gradually increase your physical activity. Being active is not just about exercising. It also includes all the activities you do daily.

Have you ever heard of NEAT? In the world of fitness, this acronym stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, that is, "thermogenesis associated with non-exercise activities", in French. More simply, it corresponds to the calories you burn throughout the day while being active, without exercising. In keeping with the saying “every movement counts,” you expend more energy climbing stairs than using the elevator or walking your dog regularly.

A little Christmas workout

As you may have noticed, your sports calendar also includes logical exercises. And the best part is that you don't need any equipment and you can do your session wherever and whenever you want, whatever suits you best. The session lasts about 20 minutes, and adapts to your fitness level. You work your entire body, improve your endurance, and strengthen your muscles.

Little Christmas Workout: Here's How To Do It

The first winter workout is called "Little Christmas Workout." The number of repetitions of the exercises it consists of, such as counting down, decreases. In other words, you do 10 repetitions of the first exercise, then 9 repetitions of the second and so on. Try not to stop between exercises. Of course, you have the right to catch your breath whenever you feel the need. But the goal is to do it all at once. Here is an overview of the exercise:

Little Christmas Workout Rehearsals

Warm up 5 to 10 minutes

Aerobic squat or jump squat 10

Gluteal bridges (small bridge) or 9x unilateral per leg 9

crunches 8

7 . Floor Extensions

Knee push-ups (push-ups on the knees) or push-ups (push-ups) 6

lunge (lush) 5 times per leg or jump lunge (alternate jump lunge) 5

jumping jacks 4

Burpees for beginners or classic burpees 3

2 x 30 seconds of wall sitting (chair) 2

1 minute blanc blanc (blank on the knees) or blanc (blank) 1

Restore movement exercises, massage roller

If you are a beginner, you can perform a set of 1 to 2. After the first, you can rest 60 to 90 seconds and then move on to the second. As a confirmed athlete, you can perform two to three sets. And if you are a professional, you can do a series of 3 to 4.

In addition, you also have the possibility to choose the easy or hard alternative to the exercise according to your level. For example, you can choose Air Squats and Jumping Squats. Throughout the month, you can also increase the difficulty level of your session by changing the variable or making more threads.

If you are not sure how to perform the exercise correctly or if there is one that you do not know, just click on the links that we have added in the table. This will allow you to return to the article devoted to this exercise, in which you will find in particular the technique of execution, videos and variants for beginners and certified athletes.

Important: Before starting, warm up for at least 10 minutes. Find the best warm-up exercises in our article "Warm-up: why and how to warm up properly before sports?" Remember to drink enough while training and wear comfortable sportswear. Our Energy Acids are ideal for hydration and also give you a boost to perform at your best!

Ready to get started? We wish you good luck with our little Christmas exercise!

Long live HIIT

Also, our second workout "Long live winter HIIT" requires no equipment, but only 30 minutes of your time. HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training, is one of the most popular and effective training methods. HIIT winter workout challenges your entire body and burns tons of calories!

Long Live HIIT Winter: Here's How To Do It

There are 5 exercises in total. Do each exercise for 40 seconds and take a 20-second break between each exercise. After the first set, you can rest for up to 60 seconds. Beginners can perform 3 sets, advanced athletes 4 and professional 5.

Long live HIIT winter

Warm up 5 to 10 minutes

Jumping stars 40 seconds.

It stops 20 seconds.

Lunge around the Christmas tree D + G 40 seconds.

It stops 20 seconds.

Reindeer jumps 40 seconds.

It stops 20 seconds.

Snow Angels reverse 40 sec.

It stops 20 seconds.

Snowflakes sit ups 40 seconds.

It stops 20 seconds.

Restore movement exercises, massage roller

Important: do not forget to warm up!

Also for this HIIT, you have the possibility to choose the easy or hard alternative to the exercise according to your level. You can for example choose the beginner burpees or the classic (with jump) burpees.

Below is a detailed explanation as well as videos for each of the exercises:

Exercise #1: Star Jump - 40 seconds

Jumping Star is a complete endurance exercise as well as explosive muscle and strength. Do it at your own pace and remember: technology always comes before speed!

For beginners: jump

In a standing position, your arms are resting next to your body. Your hands touch your thighs. Raise your hands above your head while jumping to straighten your legs. Then, on a new jump, return your hands and feet to the starting position.

For qualified or professional athletes: Jumping Stars

Get into a squat position, heels on the floor. Your upper body is tilted slightly forward. Your arms are bent close to your chest. Get support on the ground and gain momentum with your arms. jump high! Extend your arms and legs out to the side, so that your body forms a star shape when it's in the air. After jumping, gently land on the ground to return to a squatting position.

Exercise 2: Lunge around the Christmas tree R + L - 40 seconds.

We've found this exercise to be a perfect fit for the occasion, which is why we chose it for you. You totally can, without having to literally interpret the name of the exercise and make lunges around the tree. But don't worry, it works great even without a tree and works your lower body effectively.

For beginners: Reverse lunges

In principle, this type of lunges works just like the basic exercise. Start in the starting position and take a step back, not forward. The stride should be large enough so that your front leg forms a 90-degree angle when your knees are bent. Do not put your back knee completely on the floor. You can also accompany the movement with your arms. Your upper body remains straight. Then change legs.

For experienced or professional athletes: Rush around the world

This variant consists in taking a step forward, then to the side, then back and finally obliquely (always backwards). You start in the starting position and take a step forward. Then return to the starting position, briefly place your foot down and perform a straight lateral lunge. By leaning on your leg, return to the starting position.

You then perform a reverse lunge and return back to the initial position. Then you continue to lean back, as if you were to put your legs on top of each other. Return to the starting position one last time and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Your arms every time accompany your movements in a dynamic way and adapt to situations.

Exercise number 3: reindeer jumps - 40 seconds.

Like a reindeer in the middle of a snowy landscape, it jumps from foot to foot. Reindeer hops work out the muscles in your legs and improve your fitness and coordination. Rudolph better watch out!

For beginners

Standing, move your left leg back while bending your right. Keep your back straight and bend your upper body slightly forward. Your left arm is touching the floor and your right arm is extended toward the ceiling. Go back to the middle and do the same on the other side, i.e. put your right leg back and bend your left. When you switch sides, you can either jump or jump.

For experienced or professional athletes

Perform the exercise as described above and try to do bigger jumps to increase the gap. If the exercise is still too easy for you, try not to put your back leg down when you're landing and leave it in the air.

Exercise number 4: Snow angels reverse - 40 seconds.

As a kid, did you ever lie in the snow to make a snow angel? Today you are allowed to do it again! Except this time, you're lying on your mat to work your back muscles.

For beginners

This exercise is perfect for beginners. Lie on your mat, face down. Your arms and legs are stretched. Lift your upper body slightly off the floor and keep your eyes fixed on the floor. Keep your legs on the floor. Bring your outstretched arms forward and hold them in the air. Your palm is facing the ground.

Exhale and bring your arms straight back, along your chest, describing an arc to the side. Turn your palms toward your legs. Then inhale while raising your arms forward again. Imagine you are drawing the wings of an angel with your arms.

For experienced or professional athletes

To make the exercise more complex, you can bring in two small weights and hold them in your hands throughout the movement.

Exercise number 5: Snow lifting - 40 seconds.

In summer butterflies flutter and snowflakes in winter. This exercise, called Snowflakes Sit Ups to get in the holiday spirit, will burn your abs.

For beginners: Crunch

Crunches are ideal for beginners. Lie on your back, put your legs on the floor. Place your thumbs on your temples and open your elbows outward. Keep your lower back flat on the floor and tighten your abdominal muscles. Make sure that only your shoulder blades come off the floor when straightening. Your lower back remains on the floor. Your neck remains in a neutral position throughout the exercise. It ends once at the top.

For experienced or professional athletes

Do not do this exercise if you have back problems. Do crunches instead. Lie on your back and extend your arms over your head. Your soles are glued together and your knees hang out. Now lift your entire upper body and come up with your fingers touching your toes. Expired. Then go back down while inhaling.

Mathematical advent calendar: our conclusion

When we want we can! Our special winter training program will help you stay mobile even during the busy holiday season.

Staying active will have a positive effect on both your body and your state of mind.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk more often or dance in your living room, every movement counts!

Enjoy the holidays and don't worry too much!


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