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Slimming and fitness before the wedding

 Slimming and fitness before the wedding

Many factors can be considered as reasons to start the weight loss process. Many people decide to start the fight for a slimmer body before the upcoming wedding. Often the bride and groom decide to lose weight and change their current appearance shortly before the ceremony. How do you plan to make a turnaround to achieve these goals on time?

Slimming before marriage: a balanced diet for weight loss

The starting point for getting a dream body before marriage is an accurate calculation of your daily energy expenditure. Determining the number of calories consumed per day will allow to estimate the optimal size of the deficit, which is the basis for effective weight loss and the intensification of the formation of a lean body without excessive fat accumulation.


It's helpful to remember that a significant calorie deficit can be the cause of a dangerous yo-yo effect. Although some extra pounds are lost in the initial phase of weight loss, over time the weight begins to return to its original level (or even higher!). Without a balanced diet, there is no possibility of lasting and visible effects.

Weight loss before marriage: couple training

Regular physical activity will definitely help in developing a fit body before marriage. However, for most people, physical exercise can be very challenging and the lack of visible results can discourage them to continue their work.


As the saying goes, together is better! If your partner does not have weight issues or excess fat, his commitment to exercise together will definitely increase the effectiveness of your weight loss. Not to mention your other half will notice your efforts!

Weight loss before marriage: a carefully selected supplement

Dietary supplements provide valuable support when losing weight and shaping the body. Multi-ingredient formulas focused on effective fat burning and those containing L-carnitine can provide a number of real benefits. However, it must be remembered that supplementation is only an auxiliary component of physical activity and diet. However, you should choose products that guarantee the best quality.

Therefore, Olimp Sport Nutrition products - one of the leading manufacturers of nutritional supplements for physically active people - are the best choice. Products like Thermo Speed ​​Hardcore, L-carnitine Xplode, or Lipo Razor are supplements produced in a state-of-the-art research and development center for pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories. All raw

 materials used in the production process have undergone a comprehensive microbiological purity test which assures that there are no risks of contamination and harmful additives (eg heavy metals). In turn, the optimal proportions of each specific ingredient provide multi-dimensional support in the fight against stubborn fats, excess weight and other obstacles that make it difficult to achieve the body of your dreams.


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