Shoulder Exercises. How do you get a V-shaped silhouette?

 Shoulder Exercises. How do you get a V-shaped silhouette?

Shoulders with well-developed back muscles give the silhouette a V-shape, which is a hallmark of bodybuilding competitors. A good exercise for the shoulders will help to form a proportional figure.

1. Shoulder exercises

Training for beginners

Intermediate Practitioner Training

Advanced Practitioner Training

2. Wide shoulder effect

triceps muscle development

wide back

tight waist


The greater the difference between the width of the shoulder and the waist, the more proportional the silhouette.


1. Shoulder exercises

To get results, it is essential to perform regular and well planned shoulder exercises.

The width of the shoulders depends on the full development of the mass of each bundle of deltoid muscles (anterior, lateral and posterior) and the skeleton, that is, the gap between the acromion.

In the event that there is very little mass of the deltoid muscles, exercises for the shoulders should cause them to grow evenly.

Depending on the level of training progress, we perform the correct number of exercises in a certain order.

Shoulder training for beginners

Dumbbell pressure while seated: 3-4 x 8-10,

Dumbbell lateral rises in a standing position: 3-4 x 8-10.


Shoulder training for intermediate practitioners

Chest compression: 4 x 8-10,

Dumbbell lateral raise, standing: 4 x 10-12,

Bent lateral raise over dumbbells: 4 x 12-15.


Shoulder training for advanced practitioners

bent dumbbell raises,

inverted butterfly

sit dumbbell press,

Tighten the bar along the torso with a wide fist.

The latest training regimen is designed for athletes who lack proportions. In this case, when training the shoulders, the focus is on the posterior bundles of the deltoid muscles. They are trained primarily, it is necessary to perform a larger number of individual exercises or whole sets of exercises.


2. Wide shoulder effect

However, it happens that the shoulders look very small, despite the fact that the deltoid muscles are well developed. This may be, for example, due to the narrowing of the gap between the acromion.

In this case, it is necessary to work on a stronger development of the triceps muscle (it consists of 3 heads).

This is especially important and useful for bodybuilders participating in shows.

The bodybuilding stage, among other things, is the power of illusion. Even among the best athletes, there are those who have narrow shoulders. However, they know how to present themselves to give the impression that they have broad shoulders.


triceps muscle development

A better developed triceps in a alignment position will go far beyond the shoulders, and thanks to higher elbows, it will give the impression of extended shoulders. This position visually expands the athlete.

This is an example of one of the best athletes in the history of bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia winner Philip Heath, who has a small collarbone gap. However, when he's on stage, no one says he's narrow-shouldered.

wide back

Another way to increase shoulder width, in a lined position, is to develop the width and thickness of the back muscles. A strongly developed back will distract attention (both the judges and the audience) from the athlete's shoulders, so the rider will look as if he were broad in the shoulders.

When we combine the two methods, the effect will be enhanced.

tight waist

Another way is to shrink the waist.

However, in this case, it takes a long time to achieve an amazing effect, and long-term training is not always successful.

The bar can be useful in all exercises, especially squats, deadlift, bent weightlifting, etc. Some people even wear special braces during training and achieve good results.

When the exercises are successful, the waist becomes narrower, and then the difference between it and the width of the shoulders becomes larger. This, in turn, will achieve the effect of broad shoulders.

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