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Running in the fall - how to dress?

 Running in the fall - how to dress?

Autumn is the season when the sun shines less, temperatures are lower and the air is cooler. Even if real athletes don't give up on outdoor training, it's a good idea to know how to wear running clothes in the fall so they don't catch a cold.

Running in the fall - what to wear during training?

When deciding to purchase sportswear, there are several important aspects to consider that can have a greater or lesser impact on the effectiveness of your training. The quality of the materials used must be evaluated first. High-quality workout clothes are made only of natural and hypoallergenic materials, which do not irritate sweaty skin.

Speaking of perspiration, fabrics should be able to absorb excessive perspiration and provide easy ventilation for the body. This is very important for running in the fall. Clothes do not accumulate water, which reduces the chances of cooling the body during outdoor training.

What do you wear when you plan to train outdoors in the fall? It is worth focusing on comfort! The above materials should have a high resistance to mechanical damage. During the race, the clothing should not restrict your movements, which will be an obvious obstacle

during training (causing, among other things, reduced speed or faster fatigue). The elasticity of the materials used in the manufacture of clothing should be related to a body-fitting fit. Clothing that is too loose in the fall can lead to a feeling of coldness and an increased risk of infection from the overheated body.

Running in the fall - what to wear? Choose your Olympic Live & Fight outfit!

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand is not just about nutritional supplements and high-quality products for athletes. It's also a big clothing line under the name Live & Fight, offering a variety of apparel, perfect for everyday wear and while training.

A completely new range of clothing for women and men has been created under the guidance of the best athletes who are part of Team Olympus and who know how important comfort is during training. There are many products on offer that will allow you to dress up for running in the fall. Both women and men can find long-sleeved shirts, comfortable

 sweatshirts (with or without a hood), very comfortable leggings and long track pants. All garments are made from incredibly comfortable materials that are as gentle on the skin as possible. You don't have to worry about excessive sweating or lack of air during training - the fabric is highly permeable and ensures continuous circulation.


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