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Remote work: 3 exercises to learn to reduce pain in front of the computer

 Remote work: 3 exercises to learn to reduce pain in front of the computer

After this (re)confinement period associated with Covid 19, work habits are changing. Many companies have asked their employees to continue working from home. Unfortunately, installing in front of a computer is probably not the most comfortable! Here are 3 simple moves you can do during your day working remotely to reduce the appearance of neck pain and trapezius.

1 / Move your shoulder blades

The muscles at the cervical level are anatomically connected to the shoulders, especially the scapula. They don't move enough on a normal day to work remotely. Here we present a series of simple movements to gently mobilize these muscles.

Every hour, try to take a few minutes to move your shoulder blades and properly engage your neck and shoulder muscles to avoid tension.

One minute of targeted movements on each shoulder and you'll be ready for another hour of action!

2 / Tighten the rhomboid muscles

The rhomboid muscles are often responsible for the pain felt in the upper back. Here's how to extend it.

Hold the stretch for 20 seconds and stretch 3 times on each side.

3 / Move the chest and shoulder bones

This movement can be practiced very easily during the teleworking day.

For a good back hygiene, remember to move your spine, muscles and shoulders.

Continue these movements for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.

You will find that these movements are not complicated and can really relieve you if you start to feel the tensions related to working from home.

Feel free to move around as regularly as possible.

It's up to you !


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