Refine your silhouette: 7 easy-to-do fitness exercises at home

Refine your silhouette: 7 easy-to-do fitness exercises at home

How to lose weight effectively while having fun? What mistakes should be avoided? Here are our slimming tips for a successful diet program that really works and lasts.

Exercise #1: Calories, kilograms ... stop by the numbers!

Do you step on the scale every morning? Even worse, do you step on the scale multiple times a day? So, this is the number one mistake that you can easily avoid.

What is the point of comparing your weight today with your weight yesterday? If you want to enhance your silhouette, a 300g difference won't change anything. Be gentle with yourself! We don't change the silhouette in a few days.

Instead of weighing yourself (which is like scoring and judging you every day), you can choose the following solution: take a picture of yourself every 3 weeks and compare your progress over time.

Likewise, instead of counting the calories at each meal or snack, rely on your feelings. Did you eat a lot? Is this meal generally well-balanced? What can I change next time?

In short, stop the numbers! Stop counting everything all the time! This is the best way to get frustrated (contrary to what one might think).

Exercise #2: Manipulate feelings

When you eat, take the time to savor your meal. Chew, chew, and leave cutlery between each bite to awaken your senses. Focus on the taste of the food.

Thus, you will more easily feel full. As the weeks go by, your stomach will demand less because it will naturally shrink.

Drinking regularly before and during a meal also predicts a feeling of fullness.

Exercise #3: Be progressive

It is important to set consistent goals. Many want to lose quickly and excessively deprive themselves. They lose several kilograms during the first month and then quickly regain it because the deprivation was excessive.

In general, our body does not tolerate sudden changes well. A smart diet takes time. It must be progressive.

Set short-term goals (3 weeks). Like we said, you prefer pictures rather than standing on the scale.

In the medium term (4 and then 6 months).

Long term (one year).

Once again, be kind to yourself!

Exercise #4: Have fun

How can you think of a diet without fun?


Cook yourself salads, gentle slimming recipes. Spy to find meals that actually make you happy. Test new ideas!

Diet should not be synonymous with absolute deprivation. If you love chocolate, treat yourself to this little pleasure from time to time and above all, taste it!


Finding fun in sports can sometimes take a while. The first weeks, shortness of breath and aches the next day tend to be discouraging. Do not be pessimistic, sports quickly become fun and even psychedelic! You will not be able to do without it!

You still need to find the right sport! Running or the gym may not be right for you, at least at first.

For example, try several team sports before finding one that you will find fun in.

Exercise 5: Sustainable Habit Change

This is the secret to diets that really work: change your lifestyle!

It's not just about making miraculous efforts for a few weeks, it's about adopting a healthier lifestyle in a sustainable way.

A good diet is a long-term regimen!

Exercise number 6: What sport?

We often talk about diet when we think about losing weight. But physical activity is just as important!

The most effective sports for weight loss are:

Pure endurance sports, especially if you do them on an empty stomach.

Running, cycling, elliptical trainer, rowing machine, swimming, etc.

It should be exercised with sufficient frequency to ensure a real expenditure of energy.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Specific, high-intensity exercises over shorter intervals often involve different muscle groups.

The heart rate rises for short periods.

However, these sports are not the most attractive to non-athletes. As we said earlier, it may be wise to turn to other sports practices to facilitate the savor of physical exertion.

Exercise 7: Maintaining Social Bonds

Finally, social connection is another very important point. It's common knowledge that dieting can sometimes cut your friends.

Being encouraged by those around you is a good way to achieve your goals.

Set goals together, as a couple or with friends, to create a common project!


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