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Quadriceps muscle stretching exercises

 Quadriceps muscle stretching exercises

Each exercise should begin with a strong warm-up that prepares the muscles for further work. After training, it is useful to do stretching exercises, which can be an interesting solution to maintain an optimal level of mobility. In the case of the calf muscles, and more specifically the popular "quads", we would like to present below the quadriceps stretching exercises.

Why is it useful to do thigh stretching exercises?

The quadriceps muscle of the thigh is one of the largest muscles in the whole body and therefore forms an essential part of the legs. Workouts aimed at increasing strength and endurance will be equally effective for bodybuilders, soccer players, runners and other demanding sports enthusiasts. In addition to strengthening this part of the body, one should not forget about the stretching exercises that are worth doing before and after the planned exercise.

Stretching exercises for the quadriceps are recommended after long-distance training and endurance (for example, several kilometers of cross-country running or cycling), and after classic strength exercises (for example, dumbbell exercises or dumbbell exercises ). Also,

 stretching the quadriceps is recommended for prolonged sitting. In all these cases, there is a high risk of shortening of the muscle structures and the development of uncomfortable contractions. So there is a short path to injury that can keep you out of training for a long time.

Quadriceps stretching exercises worth including in your training plan

It doesn't take long to do quadriceps stretches! Ten minutes a day is enough to give the muscular structures the optimum level of flexibility and maintain the shape of the muscles. The low level of difficulty of these exercises allows almost anyone, regardless of experience level, to try them.

What Quadruple Thigh Lifts Should Be Included In Your Workout Plan? Here are 3 worthwhile suggestions!

A controlled fall from the back in a kneeling position. During the movement, keep the knees on the floor and prevent excessive stretching of the spine.

Push the hip forward in a kneeling position. Try to pull the heel of the back leg up.

Push your hips forward into a kneeling position. The foot of the hind leg is firmly supported by a stationary object (for example, an exercise box or a stepladder).

You should be able to hold 30-60 seconds in each position, but you can adjust the time individually according to your needs and capabilities. It is best to do quadriceps stretching exercises in the thighs after training, as it is one of the forms of relaxation and stretching after exercise.


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