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Proteins for athletes. Why are they so important?

 Proteins for athletes. Why are they so important?

A healthy and balanced diet for every sports enthusiast should consist of both large and small components. In the first group, proteins play an important role - an essential component of muscle, important for professional athletes and people who play sports recreationally. Why is protein so important for athletes and what protein supplements should they use to supplement their diet with high quality protein.

Protein is essential for athletes!

Physically active people, including professional athletes, who have an increased demand for protein. Athletes' muscles that have been damaged during intense training must be reconstructed and regenerated. To this end, they must be provided with protein - an essential

 component - which studies have shown helps in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. In addition, protein also helps maintain bone health. This is very important for amateur athletes, as well as competitive athletes, who put stress on their skeletal system during training and can suffer more or less serious injuries.


So it seems reasonable to ask - what proteins are best for athletes?

Protein sources for athletes?

Protein sources for athletes?

It is easy to guess that one of the main ways to provide the body with the right amount of protein is to eat a varied and balanced diet. Natural sources of protein for athletes are:

  • eggs,
  • legumes
  • fish and seafood,
  • white and red meat,
  • nuts and some seeds,
  • Milk and dairy products.

However, in some cases, it is difficult to maintain a good diet. Lack of time, capabilities or skills can be a major limitation to following the rules of a healthy diet, which is why protein supplements, which contain whole-value proteins with a rich amino acid profile, are often recommended. High-quality nutritional supplements allow the body to provide an adequate portion of protein, which can come from different sources, in a simple and fast way.

What are the best proteins for athletes?

In the case of protein for athletes, specialists recommend using supplements containing whey protein - which is considered one of the best sources of protein for people who train regularly.

Both beginners and experienced athletes can choose protein supplements under the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, which are not only delicious in taste, but also produced using the latest technology and high quality, tested for purity. Meeting drug company standards is a guarantee of true quality, which is best demonstrated by nutrients such as: 100% Whey

 Protein Complex (a blend of whey protein concentrate and isolate) or Pure Whey Isolate 95 (whey protein isolate). These products are in the form of an easily soluble powder, which, after being prepared with water or milk, makes it possible to prepare and supplement an exceptionally tasty shake.

Another equally beneficial solution for athletes and a delicious bonus after a grueling workout can be the Olimp Protein Bar or the Olimp Protein Snack Cake. Both products are a healthy, protein-packed form of snack that is a great alternative to sweets. In addition, their small size and delicious flavors allow you to provide your diet with a solid serving of protein in almost any situation.


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