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proteins during mass reduction. what do you want to know?

 proteins during mass reduction. what do you want to know?

Although it is widely known that proteins have a beneficial effect in maintaining muscle mass and body development, it is worth remembering their important role in the fight against excess body fat. What makes protein during slimming such an important part of building mass?

Discover the benefits of protein while slimming

To reduce excess fat deposits, a calorie deficit should be introduced. By reducing the amount of calories consumed, the body itself derives energy from the accumulated adipose tissue, both for planned physical exercises and for daily performance. However, the human

 metabolism has been shown to be somewhat “relaxed” in this respect and is mainly focused on proteins, which, unlike fats, are much easier to break down. The goal of the body is to survive due to the high expenditure of energy (training) while reducing the number of calories in the diet.

It is not difficult to speculate that this will lead to popular "losses". Thinning and reduction of fatty tissue often leads to a loss of muscle mass. However, people who play sports try to reduce this unfavorable process. Consuming more protein to reduce it along with regular physical activity at a moderate intensity level will help protect muscle tissue properly and maintain the previously built mass.

Protein is also a rich source of many endogenous and exogenous amino acids - essential components of muscle building proteins. This leads us to assume that amino acids can influence in one way or another the general condition of muscle mass, and help maintain optimal protein levels to reduce them.

How Much Protein Should I Eat While Cutting Out?

This is a very individual matter, which each coach must adapt to his own needs and the current training intensity. Depending on age, metabolic rate, type of discipline or gender, our daily protein needs will be very different. We will offer a different value to an obese

 teen with no sports experience than an athlete in her thirties. The amount of protein during reduction can be reduced to commonly used values, that is, from 1.6 to about 2 g / kg of body weight, but it is better to consider yourself a separate case.

Can Protein Be Provided During Reduction As A Dietary Supplement?

Nothing stands in the way of supplementing your daily diet with a protein-rich food supplement. Nutritional supplements, especially protein supplements from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, have been supporting both novice and experienced athletes for many years, who value impeccable quality. Thanks to modern laboratory facilities and innovative

 production technologies, the microbiological purity of each raw material is properly tested. The company's priority is to meet the necessary pharmaceutical standards and safety standards, which prove the high quality of each product with the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand logo.

Which protein when reduced would be a useful option? Pure Whey Isolate 95 is a fully-grown whey in the form of a highly absorbable isolate, allowing for rapid absorption of essential nutrients and accumulated amino acids. The low sugar and fat content makes it easy to cut back on extra calories while cutting, and most importantly, it doesn't affect the unique flavors of the product in any way.


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